강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)

Cafe Muse (new camera photo)

beautiful chandelier

where my friends and I sit after yoga on “Monday at Muse”

my beautiful Cafe Lady

path I take to Yulha


my lovely friend

yulha skyline…

more lovely friends!

Must share… this video is and hot right now…and it’s probably one of the funniest videos out there…


Tuesday, August 14th
Tonight was a special night. My yoga teacher that I have been taking yoga classes from for almost an entire year invited Sarah and I to her home to enjoy dinner. Unbeknownst to me, she only lives just up the road from my usual flower shop. On top of the Mountain. Surrounded by gardens and trees. Stunning view of the misty mountains in the distance. The smell of earth and home and life sinks into the rainy air. Her daughter and a family friends joined us for the meal. All natural food…greens, fruits, soup, delicious! Listening to laughter and chatter and rain on the tin roof, we sat under an awning engulfed in mosquito netting on plastic chairs at two tables…sitting in my corner of the setting I took everything in….the chopstick match the 2 year old child and Sarah were playing, the story-telling between mother and daughter and the parents trying to keep the sister and brother in line. And me…talking to the yoga teacher’s friend. Who is happy. Never Married. Lived in Seoul, then moved to Jangyu Two Year Ago. Played the Cello and Piano. Now Teaches Piano Lessons. Lives with Yoga Teacher. And is soft-spoken unless something is really funny or exciting! She’s so sweet. Then we finished our conversation while she joined another and I took it all in again…especially the laughter. They say you can love in any language…well you sure can laugh too! What a beautiful evening with my beautiful Korean friends.

Monday August 20:
5 more Mondays. What a long day… Trying to western union money to the Philippines and spent a half hour waiting just to be told I needed my passport number. Back again the next day. Only two banks in Korea western union money. KB and IBK. Another hour and a half later I hope the correct amount is transferred… Vacation is just around the corner.

Tuesday August 21: 
Needed that gray light blue and cream colored with slivers of pink sky this morning on my run with the piercing streams of light as the morning sunk in.

Wednesday August 23: 
News of director not resigning with my school… Only three more days left with my faves and my kids Ive had since I started… Thought I had another month with them. My co-teacher is almost as bummed out as I am… Sad day today, trying to forget  the slough of questions and concerns flooding my thoughts. Staying positive til it’s goodbye time and I’m on to my new assignment. Not sure what September will bring, nothing like a job to keep me on my toes, focused, and relying on God to carry me through the unknown, the uncertain, and the frustrations.
A good friend only has 7 teaching days left and others too, will be departing shortly. It’s time to move on to the next chapter. Sometimes I think it’s what I do best.. Turn the pages to the next thing…faster than I should sometimes… Though in accessing the past year I felt like I finally stopped to relax and enjoy life rather than always looking forward to the next move. Just in the past few weeks have I really become anxious about being back home…it’s hard not to miss the sisters’ weekends, the girls’ nights, the birthday dinners, the family dinners, new babies, and engagements… 

I do keep reminding myself I am here for another month and to not shut away. So I’m not. I’m keeping myself in check… Going for another midnight beach outing this weekend and to the orphanage, as well as planning get-togethers with my co-teachers. In the back of my mind I wonder what it would be like to settle down and have a house with a permanent address. I don’t know how stability life is… It’s like a preconceived note to self when I sign a lease that this isn’t permanent and I know soon enough I’ll be looking to pack up and move again. My check address is from 3 years and about 4 addresses earlier, my drivers license doesn’t expire until 2051, but at rate I’m going that’ll be about 50 addresses expired.
The more I love traveling and seeing the world, the more I know what I want when I do live in a place for more than 2 years. And that includes an oven, a bathtub, a balcony, a lamp, a coffee maker, and a queen sized bed. And painted walls. But those dreams will come soon enough. And I’m going to relish in these comforts at my parents home and my friend’s new home for 5 months before my next jet sailing adventure. and for their welcoming arms I am forever grateful.
I can’t wait to learn to become domestic. Because that is one thing I’m not. Take it from the girl who burns microwave Mac and cheese or who starts to cook something, but then gives up and just starts eating the ingredients separately… Forget the chemistry in cooking. I am about to set foot in the kitchen and learn how to cook- ok I’m not completely helpless because I did make enchiladas last summer and they turned out just fine, I just get distracted and I have to start dinner 3 hours in advance. I know you’re probably laughing by now… And I would usually tell you to be quiet, however I know this quite humourous to all of you knowing me. Just remember that when I’m home during the day and you’re craving something, I will probably be sweet enough to whip it up for you. Just give me well enough warning, like maybe 2 hours. 🙂
I’m also excited to get a new wardrobe (I know it sounds silly, but the fashion in Asia, is well…not really me, so I haven’t shopped except for maybe an hour in H/M for an entire year!) Most of you know that even though I’m pretty well traveled I’m the world’s worst packer; meaning, I always bring everything, because it might rain or snow or be 75 degrees and heaven knows we might decide to go out in heels and then go hiking the next day and that requires at least 5 pairs of shoes. That being said I’ve recently become the world’s most frugal packer, so much in fact that I brought two pairs of shorts for three days and one shirt… So not funny. Thanks Mom for letting me borrow a shirt. And thank you beach for allowing me to only wear my swimsuit. I survived. The past year has helped me pack in a backpack for 5 days to Jeju in winter instead of a 50 lb rolling suitcase to grandma’s house. For the weekend. My trip home will consist of ONE suitcase (able to hold 50 plus lbs of luggage) to being full with hardly anything at all, a carrying of gifts and gadgets and my purse; Instead of my previous (2) 50 lb (do the math that’s 100 lbs not including my carry on) suitcases and a carry on and a backpack. Yep, I’ve whittled it down to nothing. Clothes are falling apart and ragged, and I’ve worn through my shoes too. It’s time to start fresh. And to stop wearing workout shorts that even my mother says are like circa 2005 maybe? I’m obviously not a fashionista, but its time to toss those articles that sag or never wear. New look. New clothes. Back to the basic items and no non-essentials like those college flashbacks of  “omg I have to have this latest glitzy top for this party, really Megan? You are 25 years old you do not need that top you will never wear even though it’s pretty, about as far as it’ll ever get worn will be from the mirror to closet because its -10 degrees outside and you’ll cover it up with a coat the whole night.” Pretty much. 

Thursday August 23:

As it pours down rain at the bus stop and I’m jabbering away, I’m probably going to miss the bus I’ve been waiting for for 20 minutes… Maybe I should pay attention.  Kids were soooo quiet and tired today, and I’m just loudly clapping away looking like a crazy person… Sometimes it’s so draining, pouring all my energy for them to say hello! And answer a question we’ve worked on for 6 months: how are you? Crickets. (awesome. €{*~£~€|€^£>\%%|*|!,£|¥) Then a butterfly flew into the room. Shrieks. Seriously!? I’m so glad vacation schedule is over next week. They are much more alive in the afternoons. Yay! 
4:00 yoga today. After yoga snack made me giggle. A lady brought in Dunkin donuts- oh the irony! (plus our yoga teacher is about all natural food and donuts, well they’re as far from natural as probably possible!) I had to run to the restroom and I was silently like ok I kinda want a donut but WHAT THE HECK is yoga teacher thinking right now. I come back to find a plate of lettuce next to the pile of donuts (cut, of course by scissors- those of you in SK totally get the scissor thing!) had to contain my laughter as the ladies made wraps of donuts and lettuce. Then the plate was finished and yoga teacher bustles into her back room and comes back with a peaches and nectarines and begins to peel them into a heaping pile. There’s about 5 of us sitting on the ground around the tea table. After those were finished yoga teacher bustles back again and in like a minute flat has fried eggs hot in a pan in front of us… The whole snack time just made me smile… The chitter chatter of the woman, the pitter patter of rain, and the soothing oceanic wave melodies in the background all completed my afternoon.
6:30 lesson. We were reading a book her mother had bought… It’s a collection of various stories and… So exciting: two of the stories were ones I had read to me when I was young, Stellaluna ( story about a baby fruit bat) and Amazing Grace (story if this girl who wants to be Peter Pan and the kids at school make fun of her, but her Mom and Grandma tell her she can be anything she wants). I taught her the following new words: sultry, clumsy, dawdle, and stuttered. 🙂
Sitting at my favorite cafe because I know if I go home I won’t be able to sleep or I’ll be able to sleep, but wake up again at 2 am ready for the day. I was sitting at a big table and there was a table for two was next to me and these three ladies came up and  motioned for me to borrow a chair I went to go switch tables but they kept saying no no no- just got up and moved anyway.. Next thing I knew she had a dish of crushed ice gelato and fruit in front of me- it’s so good! Can’t get over how sweet she is. One of the kindest women I have ever met.

and just like that I became an English-Science teacher

let’s shoot our rockets at Megan-teacher!


bus stop in the rain. i liked the teal posts in the back.

yoga-teacher’s amazing garden!

dinner guests

delicious homemade food

gathering of Korean family

lunch with co-teachers!


my personal chefs 🙂

so much fun!

bubble teas!

science day 2: pinwheels!

Sometimes I still need you…

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