i can’t rock the floral denim

real friends get red bean on the side… xo

celebrating National Cheesecake Day!

lovely summer night

two of my favorite people…

and this is what i crave

green countryside

Insa-dong shopping

found a delicious Indian restaurant

Dad walking streets of Seoul

Mom trying her first Korean meal…with chopsticks

Namhae sunset

Rainbow House Pension…what an experience!

at the Temple by the Sea

3-6-9 hotel…and I got the rap song in my head…

Dinner made by yoga teacher and her friend…all natural food!

my Korean and American family having dinner…love!

i just can’t do it. a year away from the states and i feel like i could live in the covered wagon pioneer days minus the excessive accessibility of free wifi. of dresses, flats; no ovens, dryers, hair straighteners/dryers/curling irons, and shower curtains…and now i read a recent glamour magazine and floral denim is in. and i just can’t do it. just like i can’t do traditional movie dates on saturdays and sleeping in on sundays. i can, however, do a 5 a.m. sunrise run and coffee or a 2 a.m. on the beach then sleep all day. have my tastes changed that much?

and my parents are in south korea. repeat like a million times. it’s real. amazing! and now at 25 and 9 months i know 110% that my parents are the coolest. ever. and i love them so incredibly much. just chilling with two of my best friends i’ve made in korea, talking, joking, and drinking…having them meet the people i care about most in Korea was so cool…Cafe Muse lady, Yoga-teacher (she made us an amazing dinner on Monday night!), my co-teachers, and my friends! what an awesome experience to have, sharing just a glimpse of my life with them in korea!

as i shovel hand fulls of peanut butter m/ms (half a bag down, half a bag to go) and dove dark chocolate w/almonds (mind you) in my mouth whilst vowing my diet (for the millionth time) WILL start tomorrow. and my exercise routines WILL be more intense as i wipe another countless tear for a countless reason…good-byes are tough. the time between seeing my parents again is in reachable time, but it’s still hard, and then there’s another million reasons the tears continue to fall today. and it all adds up. even after a un-alarmed three hour nap, i’m still trying to pull myself together. 11 months tomorrow. i’m stronger than i ever thought i could be; knowing it’s ok to cry. and i’ll be surrounded by family soon. and i’m lucky to be so blessed that good-byes are tough. for i read a quote the other day: “how lucky i am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.” and i know the next couple months will remain true as a new chapter will start to unfold as my year in korea comes to an end.

laughter and a nap. two cures for this tearful day. laughter moment number one: Rose came in and said hello-Megan teacher (she left our program at the beginning of the month…she’s my little gangsta girl. laughter moment number two: after teaching my older students “what did you do last weekend?” and how it varied from “what did you do yesterday?” my two littlest phonics students were in the back having a make-up class and after I started the phrase…what did you do…the boy shouts YESTERDAY! it was hilarious! laughter moment number three: kids what is this mark: (!) answer: it’s exciting! gotta love these kids…and they continued to make me laugh throughout the day even though i cried all the way to school and all the way home. at least they helped me hold it together today.

Happy August.

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