School’s Out for the Summer! [except when they go to English class]

keeping cool in this SK heat!

July 16th

Today I put 2 units of vocabulary words on the board for a game. (“touch game”- saying the word while the kids race to slap it first- they love it!!) They started whining and complaining and Ally translated to me why they were upset so I told them…well I think you all are so smart and can do it! Ally translated it back to them and they got so excited, oh teacher! really?! Yes! You are so smart! 🙂

July 17th

Getting my stride and morning routine back. Went to bed at 8:30 and up at 4:43. 5 a.m. run. This is my kind of morning. If it wasn’t cloudy then I could have watched the sunrise. No cars for the first mile or two. Coolness of humidity is better than the beating sun. Soundtrack of birds as mentioned before. I cannot stress the peacefullness I feel at this hour. Couple of good stretches of sprints and a slight incline on the route.

At the stop light, a complete stranger approaches me with a cheerful, “Good Morning!” “Where are you from?” -America. “Oh, very good!” “I have 2 Filipino-American friends.” -In Jangyu? “No, in Australia.” I was there for one year.” -Oh nice! “Yes, it was good.” -You speak very well “Oh really? Thank you! I practice my English everyday!” -Wow! That’s great. What are you doing now, going to school, working? “I am working. I pick up trash and recycle it.” -I see. It’s a beautiful morning to be outside. It’s rather cool now. “Yes, not too hot. It’s nice.” Light turns green. -I should cross now, I hope you have a great day! “Thank you so much, you too!”  What a great start to the day!

July 23-25

*One of the kids’ sentences was I throw a penny into a well to make a wish. so I pulled out a penny, you would have thought I pulled out gold and one of the boys gave me a 1000 won (almost a dollar) for then I gave him a dime too!

*Taught my students what compound words are (so excited!) AND they told me what they will be doing over vacation using the correct verb tense (i.e. “teacher, I will be going to my uncle’s home.”) 

*Introduced peanut butter on apples/crackers to my co-teacher and Cafe Muse lady

*Worked 9-Noon today, then treated my co-teacher to Indian Brunch- she loved it! SCHOOL’S OUT and Morning classes start tomorrow. In Korea, school’s only close for one month during the summer and one month during the winter. Hagwons/After School Programs (English, Math, Art, Computer, Science, Piano, Takwando etc.) are year round! 5-day Vacation and PARENTS Arrive in Korea in ONE WEEK!

*One of my favorites last day was today. I did get to say good-bye and give her a hug…She didn’t want to leave our program, but her mom wants her to go to an academy now… I will miss her…she’s a little ornery, but so smart and so much fun to teach!

*MY JOB IS ON THE MARKET FOR OCTOBER 1st!!! Please please please email me if you are would like details. I have the best kids ever! 🙂 My director’s assistant asked me if I knew anyone interested in my job.

Songs of the Week: love this!

* yep.

* chill out.

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