sometimes only pictures can truly describe days in SK

if you did a double take, you are correct, the dog has pink ears!

stay off the bridge signs…guess I’ll go around it..

Jen and I’s Oatmeal Power Balls! Yay no-bakes! 

Icarus spelling my name…

Friends at Shabu Shabu

Neighborhood restaurant- outdoor seating where everyone gathers round!

this is what I read to order…yep I CAN read all that, it may take a minute, but I can do it! 
my view out my Goobong School window…look at those clouds!

Affrogato from Cafe Muse- espresso and homemade gelato!

How much is it?
School Market Day!

This is mine!

I want this please!

It’s too expensive! Lower price?

running up the hill…

Chicken salad at my favorite restaurant with a glass of wine…

Megan-Brittany-Sarah, cemented in one of the many ongoing construction sites


Market Day! Fresh Fruit!

“pot-bing-su” delicious summer treat of red bean, cereal, gelato, pineapple, blueberries

Summer Sunset

Only in the Starbucks in Korea…

homemade Chai tea from Yoga teacher

I love tea time.

garden outside my apartment

Construction that wakes me up at 5 a.m. even on Sundays!
I think about 5 new buildings have been built since I moved in.

more neighborhood gardens

heading to the main road

at the intersection catty-corner from my road

crossing the street…

in “Kabo-maul”

main intersection- directly across the street from my neighborhood

other direction crossing the street

heading up the road toward usual Cafe- now across the street

Cafe Muse- love the coffee beans in the glass table

homemade gelato and fruit

these kids make me laugh everyday!

Chloe and me

don’t look so serious girls!


I was putting my camera away and he batted his eyes for one more picture
I couldn’t say no!

Happy Fourth of July America!
From South Korea
Sitting in a French Cafe
Drinking Sangria
Eating Souffle
with Friends…
is this American?

July 5th

I think sometimes I get too excited about life. How the littlest things make me so happy. Like walking up to the bus stop seconds before it pulls up. Or enjoying the rain outside on a patio with an iced coffee before I begin a challenging day at school. Laughing with my kids and giving hugs and playing takwando. Being so proud of them when they can answer my questions even if it’s just a simple word or two; or when they don’t have to take a re-test for their spelling words. Hearing, “Megan-teacher, beautiful” and then seeing their eyes sparkle when I tell them they are beautiful too. Maybe I shouldn’t share these thoughts on facebook, or my blog, or a text, or a phone call; do I feel guilty for being so joyful? I can’t help it~ it just makes me so happy I could burst. Maybe this is what being in love is like.

Thoughts pouring and swimming like the monsoon rain trying to find any spot to land and soak. Just when I thought I had a plan all gets turned upside down with a discovery, a book, a comment, or conversation. All I know is this: 1. I’m supposed to travel. (Where? I’m still finding that out!) 2. I’m supposed to write/or teach. 3. I’m supposed to Love. Lately, I feel that God has truly placed these things on my heart. But, sometimes my head pounds like the thundering rains…So here I sit with my pen, sorting things out to clear my head and make sense of what He has called me to do. Writing the questions down, writing the things I could be called to give up, gritting my teeth to not start another plan…I find myself trying to plan things that are beyond my control…and I don’t want to be caught in my own agenda again.


sooo humid,  but I love a good rainy day sitting outside thinking

“Or we can take a risk, do something to help someone else, make a person smile, change someone’s world. Life to the fullest exists.” -Kisses from Katie

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