"my heart lives in so many places. with so many people…"

me and Rose
June 6th
Day off today. Woke up 5:45…two hour workout. Everyday I pass this sketchy looking holistic herb smelling massage shop on the corner of my street 10 seconds from my apartment. I decided to check it out- why not, right? Pointed to my shoulders and said massage? She took me to the back. Undressed and laid down. The next thing I knew she was putting cooling creams, silky lotions, and warm water mixtures all over my face! What the heck was going on?! She literally pounded my face and smacked it with the lotions! I dare not move. Then she rub my shoulders for like 30 seconds, put a mask on my face, and left me there for 20 minutes under a washclothed darkness. I could here voices speaking rapidly and there was another woman coming in to get a massage. I’m half naked on the table thinking can you please cover me now? The massage lady came back, finished the mask, put another thick cream on, then rinsed it and lotioned it one more time, sat me up and whacked my back (maybe that’s supposed to be massaging?) a few times, and then pointed to my clothes and left. I guess that’s what pointing to my shoulders and saying massage gets me! I looked over at the other lady and she was getting an actual massage, next mission: figure out what she said in order to get that! It was a delightful face massage…
Had lunch with a good friend, then took a nap, made dinner for our sweet Cafe Muse friend and she bought us beer while we sat out on her patio and ate. She is amazing! The nicest lady ever. Truly gracious. When she asked if I had a boyfriend, her explanation as to why I’m single was “Megan is high-quality. Elite. Difficult to find man I think.” After talking to her for awhile Sarah and I met up with Brit for our weekly Wednesday wine nights, but we switched it up a bit and did pie and water. 🙂 Still delicious. 
What more could I need in a place? Why do I feel like it’s home after 9 months? Passing the flower shops, smelling the humid summer air, calling a friend five minutes away, sipping coffee at a quaint cafe or breezing to morning yoga for tea and smiles just across the street. Cherishing every moment these next few months, knowing the tears of happiness, accomplishment, sadness in leaving what I know call my home, my Korean yoga-teacher mother, my Cafe Muse friend, and my amazing friends will come soon enough.

June 13th

Saturday was my 9-month in Korea. Celebrated with a waffle, friends, and going to an Orchestra concert that a few of the kids from Bangjuwon play in. One even plays the clarinet…hearing the instruments and the clarinet solo kinda made me miss band a little.

Happy 20th Birthday to my beautiful little sister, I love you!!! What a fun day! Rocked my open classes and received positive and encouraging comments from the parents who watched. Translated, they said: so much energy, I enjoyed the class, and my child has improved so much…amazing!

Went to yoga. After class my teacher poured this juice stuff so I asked what it was. Fermented Apricots. Turns out she grows apricot tress in her garden, picks them, mixes them with sugar and lets it sit in a crock jar for a year. (said via electronic translator, broken Korean that I understand and broken English that she understands.) It was delicious!!! Then one of her friends joined us for our chat before the next class started and she had made persimmon tea. Again- delicious!

June 17th

My sister posted this amazing quote from this book that I’ve been wanting to read. It’s true…for me. My heart truly lies in so many places…the millions of pot holes, corn fields,cities, small towns, cafes, and roads between. My friends, family, and those hearts whom I’ve seen…I think of childhood friends, random strangers, roommates, colleagues, and my students. At the end of every journey, it always feels like I’m leaving home. I have made that particular place my dwelling. Each a home. Maybe that’s why I could make every place seem like home…God is everywhere. And in Him, I am home. My ultimate destination is heaven; my eternal home. Sadness is overwhelming each time I venture away from the place I have called home on earth…but it is sadness of heart longing for those people I have befriended and loved. The wanting to be with them; it shouldn’t be sadness of sorrow, but of joy. Knowing that the next place I stand will, in time, feel like home. Another place to live and to love. Another place to fulfill His plan.
“my heart lives in so many places. With so many people. But God whispers to me that I really have only one home, and that is with Him. I will never be content on this earth. I will always be a nomad. It was meant to be that way. My heart was created with a desire for a home, a nest, a sanctuary, and that can be found Only with Him in heaven. And I will continue bouncing from one home to another, loving with everything I have in whatever location I currently reside, excitedly awaiting the day when I am called heavenward and He says to me, ‘welcome home.'” -excerpt from “Kisses from Katie”

love these kids!

we made her dinner and she bought us beer…

my Cafe Muse lady and Sarah

Happy 9 Month!

coffee house diva!

Orchestra Concert

sweet ride. it’s remote controlled.

corner flower shop!

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