"purpose + meaning + joy= enjoying your life"

 May 5

The Banjuwon Orphanage went to the Lotte Sky Hills Country Club for a day of fun to celebrate Children’s Day. It was special to be able to be a part of this day with the kids!

May 9

Quote of the day: 

boy: “Megan- teacher, you sexy today.” friend:  “He love you.” 

And then a fist fight broke out. Calm down boys.

Happy 8 Months in Korea!

May 11

Three pots of tea. Strawberries. Before Yoga. Amazing. Another cherished evening with my yoga teacher and three others.

Exhausted after another week of battling a bout of homesickness, unsettling food, sleepless nights, and substitute teaching the craziest students who don’t listen and don’t bring their books to class. At least I figured out the tv that’s connected to the computer and we watched Despicable Me “Minion” youtube videos and Sesame Street colors, numbers, and abc clips… some of the kids wanted to color on the chalkboard so I let them. Quietest first class ever. What a relief! I have to go back again on Tuesday. Hopefully this will be the last day at the third school. Oh the consistency of constant change!

Bed at 10 p.m. tonight. 12 hours of sleep and sunshine predicted for tomorrow and brunch with Brit at a new cafe: Homestead Coffee. 

May 12: Shower-hopping and French Toast at Midnight

What started as a relatively normal girls’ night (which why would I ever think those nights are normal is beyond me) ended up into one hilarious night…a night for those…”remember that one time…in Korea…” history books. 

My girls: Brit and Sarah, and I headed to Lotte Mart to get pineapple, hair dye, sauce, wine, and peanut m/ms. A great combination for a splurge. 6,000 won for pineapple, 10,000 won for dye, 10,000 won for wine, 5,000 won for m/ms, and 1,000 won for Thai teriyaki sauce. Fabulous.

After careful contemplation we decided Sarah’s apartment was the best to mix up our stir fry because she had the biggest kitchen. Pineapple, fresh market veggies, noodles, and Thai sauce…wine…and m/ms. Delicious dinner…but then we realized that her trickling shower would not do for rinsing dyed hair so we headed to my apartment with our things.

Brit had bought honey brown- lighter for the summer she thought, and me an almost black color- my usual. Sarah was our master beautician and gloved up to dye our hair. After soaking mine first, Sarah worked on Brit’s…and we quickly realized her honey brown was actually blonde (eeek!) Her hair was a dark brown to start.  When it came time to rinse, after further discussion we thought it best to go to Brit’s apartment because we needed to get her dark dye to fix her becoming blonde locks and she has constant hot water instead of constantly flushing the toilet to heat mine. So we trekked over to our third apartment of the night…wet dyed hair, plastic wrap around our necks, clipped up hair, a half a bottle of wine, and a million giggles.

“So why do I have plastic wrap around my head…” “Umm…did you forget we haven’t washed it out yet…”

“What if we see everyone that we know?” “Wellll we are going to Cabo-mal….oh wait everyone went to Busan….” “Oh good….”

“Guys, lets just sneak past this bus stop, there’s a lot of people standing there..they’re gonna think we’re crazy….” “Let’s just go around it… and hope they don’t see us.”

On our way, Sarah stepped into a store to grab a comb. Brit and I waited outside with our wet hair and the lady poked her head outside and goes “very beautiful…” (Wow, if she thinks we are beautiful now, wait til she sees us with our hair done and make-up on, and no plastic wrap around our necks!)

Third apartment later….I currently have conditioning hair and Brit is in the bathroom getting her hair re-dyed by Sarah.

Then we headed back to my apartment for a movie, “This Means War,” and French Toast. I love these ladies!

May 13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1DBcXUEXdA&feature=g-user-u

Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot. Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil—this is the gift of God. For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart.
[Ecclesiastes 5:18-20]” 
Enjoying your life or being empty in your life? A pastor’s words today challenged me. We were made to experience joy. Wherever we go…find joy. Find enjoyment in all the toils…in work; cultivate the soil…you take what’s there and you make it better.

I want to be more joyful…I am striving to change my attitude, my thoughts, the desires of my heart…to be purely joyful. To Enjoy His Creation…to take notice of the details in His paintings of flowers, sunrises, mountains, the perfumes of humidity and rain, the sounds of birds and laughter…the givings of strangers or friends- words of encouragement or a bowl of strawberries as the pastor received in the sermon, anything unexpected.

Don’t lose your awe and wonder…don’t lose your childlike fascination…you need to be there-be there; not just there- be actually there. really there-enjoying life.

May 8 was Parent’s Day so we made cards- my kids made me cards instead. 

after a rough morning- Brit bought me this to cheer me up-
of course in Korea there’s a cookie that says Happy Day!

Wednesday Wine Night: Happy 8 Month Cake!
Thanks Sarah!

Not sure if I’m ready to run, but I got this really cool lime green shirt
and awesome roster book with my and my friend Jen’s names in it!

Sunday Brunch

Can’t chant this with a straight face to save my life!

Tea Shop

Twins! No planning involved.

Service Blueberry Ice-cream. Enjoy.


whatta dude!

Lotte Sky Hills CC

my golf cart ride buddy! 
Happy Children’s Day!

What a Beautiful Saturday Morning Run!!!

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