"93 Million Miles" ~Jason Mraz

April 22nd
High rise apartments flash by as I am fixated on the raindrops racing to the edge of the window… I am on my way to Seoul to pick up my sister and I can’t help but reflect on the past 7.5 – 8 months. I have lived in Asia for this time. Establishing myself and living life. Working and navigating through my surroundings realizing each day I can accomplish something new. Eight months is a long time to go without a hug from your sister. My sisters. Who, despite our differences will always be there. Maybe some friends fail or fade away, not them. I cannot express how excited I am to have one of them share ten days in my Korean life with me. The other will experience her first overseas adventure this summer as she travels to Israel with her church group. I am so proud of her too. Maybe we didn’t always get along, but now is what matters: now they are friends who I have had all along, the encouragement I cherish, and the laughter I love…
Now it’s May 1st.
I dropped my sister off at the bus station after her visit…Good byes are hard; tears feel good. It was a hug from everything familiar, sweet, and comforting having her here. A brief stay…and wonderful. I’m just waiting for her call from Seoul tonight as I sit in a cafe and watch the rain, I write
Coral paint outlines the white trimmed window and the sea foam counter reaches across the back of the cafe. From my seat I glance through sheer curtains at the constant drops falling from the sky, glistening on the pavement as they splat to the ground. An Eiffel Tower replica stands on a lacy doilieable in the center. On each places on a wooden there are fresh pink flowers. The whole place looks dainty. Charmed from a movie or perfect fairy tale. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of chocolate pie, but even though the tears had ceased a couple hours ago, my sister even said I deserved a treat tonight. And now the soulful sound of Norah Jones and Michael Buble melt the whole scene together.
Is it possible to never seem happy in a place? Oh, but I am happy. Perhaps it’s the degree of happy. Everyday you have the option of choosing to be happy with the circumstances given. I think I’m learning that location should not affect the degree of happiness. Past decisions or reasonings I can honestly say were determined by location. More than ever I can say coming here, to a place that wasn’t even remotely on my radar to be able to go to a place that I dreamed of, has opened my eyes to realities and ambitions I never realized before. This alone is enough to set my usual control of everything and my planned mindset, because now for the first time I don’t have a specific plan. I don’t have a checklist of what I need to do to accomplish my next step. For the first time after accomplishing a dream dreamt for so long I have to discover a new dream, a new drive, new motivation, to get where I need to go. It’s an exhilarating, but scary feeling I must say. I don’t know where I’ll go or wholl I’ll meet. All I know is I want to be nearer to those I care about and love so dearly. The future is always unknown and the path is sometimes foggy, but in my last 4 months in Korea I’ll have a clearer picture of where my next life adventure will be. The world is at my fingertips and the possibilities are endless. With prayer and guidance I know the next journey is going to be just as amazing as this!

And just when I finish talking about paths and dreams and plans I turned to the start of May’s devotion page and read:

“Your Word is like a lamp for my feet and a light for my path…” Psalm 119: 105…God is good.
Last Friday (April 27) I was asked to be a substitute teacher at a third school. In the back of my head I sort of had this odd sinking feeling as to why they would ask me to be a sub when there’s usually a co-teacher. Well. Turns out my assumption was correct. No co-teacher. But also add in no teacher books, naughty kids who wouldn’t stay in the classroom and didn’t bring their books. And 2 classes of supposed conversation class but instead all they do is play hangman. (Until I taught them other games because I hate hangman- they actually ended up liking them a lot!) The other Korean teacher who has her own classes is super though- she’s been to the states, dated a guy from Kansas and knows where Nebraska is and has been there. She’s hung out in the UK for a while too. It was fun to chat with her before the classes started. I have to sub again this coming Friday as well.
The French Cafe is owned by two sisters. I shared with one (she spoke a bit of English) that my sister came to visit this past week from America. I thought it was special that her and her sister run the cafe. They are sitting in a corner now laughing and sharing dessert like I love doing with my sisters. This makes me miss them and anxious to see them again.
Having my sister here for just only a week was amazing; it meant the world to me that she was able to see and get a glimpse of my experience here in SK. I was able to share my favorite restaurants with her, show her my classroom, introduce her to friends and my Korean yoga family as well as go to a baseball games and the beach over the weekend. She was able to explore some on her own and made the trip back up to Seoul to spend a day walking the city. 

fan club

ice is a hot commodity- 3 in this mouth!

perfectly manicured

flowers for Grandma

bus window across countryside

“what a cute view! my mom would kill me if she knew I stayed here”

CPK Avocado Festival- love


Peanut Butter Bread


essentials from Home!

my Nancy is moving this week- so sad!

my beautiful sister after 7.5 months apart.

Running Route….




baseball game!

starbucks. beach. 

Cafe DropTop

figuring out travel plans

french cafe. rainy night. tea. and chocolate.


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