Nobody Said It Was Easy

Sunday morning run

Happy Easter


Cherry Blossoms

my crazy kids…

Nobody said it was easy…

Like I thought it would be a piece of cake
and I laughed to myself after the first word uttered
Seven months in. It still isn’t easy.

But I’ve learned…
Kids will be kids: they just want to play!
“It’s just not crucial…don’t stress yourself out.”
No matter how many times I ask What’s the Weather Like? I will get at least one blank stare.
If the child is angry…it’s not just angry…He’s always “angry birds.” Sometimes it’s “excellent, angry birds.”

“Teacher, GAME!” 45 minutes BEFORE class

my amazing yoga teacher with post-yoga snack! 
company while I wait for the bus!

I found Starbucks!

Every time I step outside, I have to really look at the signs to read them, sometimes I can’t read them, much less know what they mean.

When my students cry I don’t know what they’re crying about and they can’t tell me. They just give me teary eyed looks and all I can do is just give them a hug.

When my students are excited they try so hard to tell me what’s going on, but they get frustrated as much as I do when the meaning gets lost in translation. All we can do is smile!

When my students don’t want to learn or pay attention or don’t want to play a certain game, I don’t know why…I don’t know if they’ve had a bad day or their parents yelled at them, or they’re tired, or they have a million other hagwons to go to and homework to do. So then I just play games…I feel bad for these stressed out kids.

Having to be energetic for 6 hours a day to kids is….not a vacation….it’s work. Most of the time enjoyable work…but it’s work. Not a vacation. Vacation comes after the work. Sick days aren’t allowed. Some weeks I just need a midweek day off. (Thank goodness for Election Day on April 11th)

Gimhae Cherry Blossoms- lovely walk to work

Hey! We’re on T.V in HomePlus….let’s take a picture…

Saturday morning brunch…after a workout!

cutest kids at Banjuwon!

Doggy pile!

After 7 months I finally ventured into the pork restaurant. It really meant a lot to me to have a few friends there. The food was delicious and the company delightful. I know the owner was so thrilled we were there…he took a picture of us at 2 a.m. as we were all leaving as they were closing down. We had been there for almost 5 hours. This made me so happy as this is the restaurant I went into during my first week here to borrow a phone to call my co teacher and every day since then he has smiled, said hello, and/or bowed to me. What a cool experience with great people!

On my run today, I saw my yoga teacher and stopped to say hello! Then I saw a good friend on her way to work. When I was heading to meet my co-teacher I saw another friend. Today felt like I was in a home. A home of comfort and unfamiliarity all mixed under one roof. But it was filled with kindness and caring and love. A peace of mind flooded everything today…it was the strangest feeling…I felt safe and right; knowing this is exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment in time. When nothing else seems that it could even be potentially right in your life…not other aspirations or people or occupation or emotions. When everything is as it should be. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. I am blessed to feel this way. A time that I should cherish for the months and years to come. Maybe I will never feel this way again. Right now I am at peace. Calm. Happy. Filled with Joy. As if this is what I was meant to do with my life, but could never admit to teaching, traveling, making friends with the unexpected. Maybe this is what my life is supposed to be about. Maybe no matter how much I want to go home and settle down and get married; God knows that being in nations other than my own glorifies Him. So for the next year or so this is what I am meant to do. Only prayer, encouragement, and time will tell. This week hasn’t been perfect, however it feels normal; that all is well, that no matter what happens in the classroom everything is going to be fine and I’m giving 110% all day, everyday, no matter how tired I am. It just feels better this way. Going with the flow, and accepting obstacles as they appear… (usually out of nowhere.) I guess that’s what living in another country is all about. Sucking it up and dealing with things as they come, after all…I chose the country to live and work…the country didn’t make me come here; so why should I complain; instead look to each circumstance as an opportunity to be a better teacher, person, friend…and example of love?

This week I have ran 15 miles.. and am getting out of my winter slump. The half marathon is in 40 days. Timmie comes in 10 days. So much excitement! 🙂

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