I can’t stop laughing!

March 24th

Lovely Saturday morning run. Great afternoon playing with the kids at Banjuwon orphanage. Good conversation over wine at a friend’s apartment afterwards. Then my friend and I decided that instead of taking the bus back we would get a cab to another area of Gimhae. I had heard there were some great ethnic restaurants to try. Moroccan had closed it’s doors. We weren’t in the mood for Uzbek. And Indonesian was pack full of smokers and creepy stares. So we wandered aimlessly around for about 45 minutes, then had a bright idea to try another area of Gimhae. And we found….a pork restaurant with the words “Feel Good Pork” out front, a Vietnamese restaurant that was closed, an Oriental restaurant that was too expensive, a Chinese restaurant that literally blocked us from entering the doorway because they were full, a Pizza Hut, a restaurant with dead fish hanging from the rod outside and squirming octopus in a tank, bright lights of…Norebangs “singing rooms,” Hof and Soju (nix the food), and numerous cafes (nothing appealing to our appetites). After a total of two hours of walking in the wind, cold, tiredness we decided to take a taxi back to Jangyu… to the corner “Kimbap Janguk” restaurant in Jangyu for kimbap and mandoo. End result: we have explored two new areas of Gimhae that we had been meaning to do…nothing like doing it when you’re hungry and just want something to eat and your eyes are cross-eyed from trying to decipher and read all the signs! 🙂 But the mandoo was delicious, simple, and reliable…just have to laugh as we stood in the middle of the street in the two different neighborhoods looking up at all the signs figuring out which building to go into and which floor to go on…only to find our misfortunes. Only us, only here in SK!

March 28th

I woke up craving 김밥… which is rice, vegetables, and a bit of meat rolled in seaweed similar to sushi…except without the raw fish…fantastic with an iced vanilla latte on a patio…

Sunny and temperature rising to 70! Started the day in yoga. After pressing a certain point on my hand, my teacher smiles and says, “Chest- happy!” Then points to my stomach and says to pound it- or massage it. Ok.

Registered for the 다대포 하프 마라톤 (Daepo Beach Half Marathon) thanks to my awesome co-teacher!

Wednesdays are wine nights with two close friends…on my way to Lotte Mart to grab our bottle and peanut m/ms I had the following conversation with a cab driver that went something like this:

“hellllloooo….where are you from?” America. “ohh very beautiful…” Thank you. “I like America.” Ohh that’s good. “Can you speak 
Korean?” Umm a little. “Can you speak Japanese?” Uhh no. “Are you single or married?” Single… “Ohhhh meee toooo…” Ahh I see. “Well I like you. I only say like, not love.” Ok. “Here’s my card, you call me. I hope to see you again” Thank you sir…have a good night.

It’s one of those…did that just happen to me?, burst into a fit of inside giggles moments…

만우절 April Fool’s Day! 🙂

Today was an adventure…thanks to Sarah and Brittany we made a disappointing Cherry Blossom Festival’s lack of cherry blossoms into one hilarious afternoon. It started off with an enjoyable taxi ride to Jinhae…but when the taxi driver let us off at the train station where the lovely blossoms were supposed to be…we only found 2 blossoms and a waffle stand! Laughter turned into hysterical fits of giggles and we decided to explore Jinhae. After all we just spent 25,000 won on a cab ride, why not make it worth it! Wandered down random streets and found a stop sign, some beautiful flowers, exercise equipment, a full tree of blossoms, other numerous funny signs, and a market. We bought pretty scarfs and fresh strawberries and continued our  exploring. Funny shirt stores and a coffee shop with ice-cream to enjoy with our berries were next on the agenda. Down the next street…we finally found it- tents and people and music and color- the festival!!! We meandered through the vendors and craft tents, drank tea, and ate festival food. What an afternoon! I think to myself…this is what traveling is all about…when things don’t go as planned, do as Pete the Cat does and just keep walking in whatever shoes you might be wearing! 🙂

going out to Busan!

chocolate oreo McFlurry and FRIES- wouldn’t have it any other way!

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

two cherry blossoms…

random street in Jinhae

our first stop sign in Korea!!!

exercise park!

April Fool’s: they’re fake blossoms! 

fresh market fruit!

Would Pete the Cat cry? Goodness No! He would just keep on walking!

Tic-tac-toe anyone?

fresh market strawberries and ice-cream= perfection!

400 stair view…

Naval Academy


Traditional Calligraphy…


Tea time…at the festival!

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