March 18th

10,000 views. A number that only a couple years ago seemed unreachable. And now the number continues to grow. I am ecstatic! Viewers are not just from the United States, but worldwide. Amazing! Thank you to all who share. I hope you enjoy the stories, life happenings, and pictures. 🙂

RUN! Now that’s some motivation!

Today as I went running on one of the first spring-like days in South Korea, I was jammin’ out to a rap song by Drake with the lyrics- You Only Live Once. We get one shot…one time around. How are you living? How do I live? The Motto…make sure you’re living and not just sitting around- do what you’ve always wanted to do…take the risk and go! Easier said than done I know…it took me years to get to the point that I’m at in my life. But trust me it’s worth it. Being surrounded in a dream success despite troubles along the way (who said it would be easy?) is unforgettable. The path taken to get here and the experiences each day collaborate into making this year, one of growth, challenges, realizations, self-evaluations, and mental clarity. A step in life I am blessed to have had. Learning truths and accepting hurts, moving on my own life path knowing each person and experience has impacted me even if in the smallest way. Developing an understanding of how to get to know people of all backgrounds and walks of life, a patience and presence to invite others to share about themselves, an attitude of love even under growing irritations or frustrations. Stepping back and becoming more aware of my actions and how words can affect people in ways unspoken. Observing a culture worlds different from mine and hoping I can impact their lives in a positive way, giving them achievements to be proud of, as well as encouragement that they are intelligent students despite words previously said. Becoming confident in decisions I make regarding how I choose to spend my time. Zenning out with candles, a face mask, tea, and yoga music has become a nightly routine as well as reading at a cafe sound more appealing to me these days. Maybe I’m just mellowing out or I just can’t recover from a night out like I used to…in any case, I like this side of me.

Faces. Strikingly brilliant; I described a recent article via National Geographic Travel regarding Faces of the World. Reflecting upon these photographs I see my own unique collage of faces.

The older gentleman who bows to me from either the outside, doorway, or inside of his restaurant on the corner by my apartment. Rain or Shine. And if I’ve walked past 5 times in a half hour because I’ve forgotten something he starts to chuckle. Sometimes he says “hello” in Korean and I say it back. He is always smiling.

Cafe Muse lady. Her face is sweet and welcoming. Always smiling even when she says she’s exhausted from work. We manage to talk some; and she always expresses concern, and I express my gratitude for her warm hospitality.

The security guard at my school. His crinkly smiley face waving me across the street and onto the school grounds. Talking in loud short sentences in half English and then teaching me the Korean meaning. Waving generously. He reminds me of my grandpa.

“Cindy,” the smartest, cutest little girl who I started in Phonics 3 and now is in Super Kids 1. She has the most innocent look about her…red checkered backpack and pigtails. Adorable. Always eager to raise her hand and be called on. I hate playing favorites, because all my students have a special place in my heart, but when my other students don’t want to answer after the time is given she’s my go-to girl!

“Obama,” the most irritating kid ever, but his face reminds me of all the troublemakers I went to school with and how I would sit in class and just roll my eyes, pleading with the teacher to just kick them out…and I know the girls are doing the same…However, he is hilarious and I can’t help but laugh!

Cafe Duomo Manager. Easy-going and generous. His bright eyes and forgiveness of my lack of Korean, but assistance in deciphering the menu, when I’m going cross-eyed with all the Hangul. He even put together a coffee mug and saucer for my gift.

Yoga teacher. Her saucy laugh and the twinkle in her eyes when she tells me to eat healthier and wear warmer clothes or when she asks if I have a boyfriend and that I have “good” thighs, the concern in her eyes when I explain that I’m at two different school, but tell her it’s ok. The focus on her face when she is trying to understand what I’m saying or vice versa. She reminds me of my mother. A face of warmth and kindness.

Faces imprinted in my mind. There are so many to name. A face seems to help define a place. And these are just Faces of Korea. I have Faces of all my travels. Some features have faded, others are etched vividly in my memory, but all have a place. All have been a part of an experience in each corner of the world.

Often times words are remembered more than a face. Faces are only a part of who someone is, but it’s more the expression on one’s face that bring the piece together. Smiles. Frowns. Concerned brows. Twinkling eyes. Twitching dimples. Scrunched up noses. Bright cheeks. Wise Wrinkles or Smooth Skin. Faces. Painted Faces. Perhaps hiding one’s identity or masked emotions. Bare skin, no make-up, in confidence. Covered faces to protect oneself from harm. or Adorned faces to feel pretty. A Teasing smile or Tense lips. Faces.

I could describe faces of friends. of family. of thousands of strangers I have passed on the street…but for now what kinds of faces do you see? Are they faces of gentleness, of hurt, of laughter, of tears?



March 22nd

hot dinner on a rainy night…delicious!

A cloudy, chilly day today as I headed out to the post office. I distinctly remember talking to myself this morning as I noticed the gray, “Megan, what if it rains? That’s really going to suck standing out in it waiting for the bus.” So I ran up back up the stairs and grabbed my umbrella. As I walked to the cab stand it started to sprinkle. (I felt pretty smart!) One point for me.

Only spent 25 minutes at the post office mailing a package today. Usually it takes an hour. (Now I’m up to two points.) 🙂

Made the bus with 10 minutes to spare. (Three points)

Drank amazing Guatemalan coffee and toast as I did my bible study. Had an amazing hour of me and God time. He is so GOOD. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the day without Him especially with 6 classes and my director’s assistant watching.

Talked to my director’s assistant about travel today in between classes after she said not to worry about anything. I asked her if she needed me to change anything about my teaching style to please come and tell me- she seemed pleased that I would mention that to her. Was this my first time teaching in Korea? Yes. You’re a very professional teacher. (Felt so nice to hear that considering she gave my co-teacher pointers about my last class when she was there for only a brief moment).  Have you had any problems in Korea, if you ever do please let me know! Do you need anything from your director? Please let me know. (Amazing!) Then she offered to take me in a cab back to Jangyu. I didn’t have to wait for the bus in the pouring rain!

Great day. Even though in the past three days, 7 people have asked me if I am married or have a boyfriend. Now I’m just laughing. I believe it’s all about timing. I’m sure my future husband is going to get a kick out of all this and then I’m going to send a public service announcement to all the sweet older women and my students who keep asking letting them know I am. It’s going to be awesome! 🙂

One month from today I will be picking up my beautiful sister from the airport in Seoul.

Springtime at the corner flower shop


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