"Thank you very much for your trouble"

market in Busan

new t-shirt…gotta love the English
directions on how to use a nail file in Korean…

new coffee shop “13”
made my day finding this license plate in a table drawer

Tuesday March 7th

Every day on my way in the school entrance the doorman always says to me “don’t work too hard,” and today he also said, “thank you very much for your trouble…” he translated his Korean for me. Words to get me through the hectic day with new classes with no books. While waiting for class to start one of my former phonics students walks in and say Hi Megan- teacher, I stand up to greet her and she gives the biggest hug ever! Adorable.

Just go with it. An attitude I am improving every day here in Korea. Being a control freak about my schedule is not going to solve any problems. Because yet another schedule change has been implemented. Instead of going to the third school only on Fridays I will be going every other Friday to the Gimhae school or to my original school.

Wednesday March 8th

Nothing like celebrating International Women’s Day in a Jjimjilbang in South Korea with ladies from all over the U.S, Canada…and Korea. Cheers!

Thursday March 9th

Today is my 6 Month-in-Korea Anniversary. And probably my roughest week so far with my new schedule. I think it felt more exhausting than my first week here…between missing a bus and waiting another 35 minutes, to teaching within 15 minutes of arriving to class when originally thought the class started an hour later, to not having any books and not being notified of any of this until I walked in the classroom. But I’ve made it halfway and have great students, wonderful friends, a fabulous yoga teacher, coffee, and motivation to save money to travel after my contract is finished. Even though this week put  me out of my comfort zone in regards to planning my schedule and rearranging activities, I am learning to let things slide. I didn’t realize how much of a control freak I was about my schedule until I came to Korea and my schedule was changing on a daily basis. Every day I just have to walk out of my apartment, breathe, and repeat “I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength”, and “if you can do this, you can do anything…” and “in 6 months you will be lying on a beach….” and “this is what you wanted to do now get over it and chill out…” Pretty sure my  neighbors think I’m crazy because they give me strange looks as I jam out with my headphones in giving myself the pep talk.

walk to work
light rail crossing
over the bridge…

new coffee shop! opens at 10 (fantastic!)
..across the street from Gimhae school

Gimhae School

this girl is a genius!

Hilary Duff in Korea…

Delicious Moroccan food!

Wednesday March 14th 

I miss some of my old students with this new schedule at Gyedong Elementary, but one student found me doing lesson plans and now every Monday and Wednesday comes to the room and gives me a huge hug. She’s such a sweetheart!

Lately I’ve been slacking on the blogs, sorry about that. I’ve been keeping busy with the new schedule- commuting to Gimhae and making lesson plans, and teaching my own classes without direction from my co-teacher (yay-such a great feeling!). My goal by the end of my contract? To time the bus schedule just right so I don’t have to wait over an hour! I am so thankful though the switch is in the springtime when the weather is getting warmer and I’m couped up inside all day. The fresh air is nice and my ipod is charged, though sometimes I wish it wasn’t such a long wait so I could just get home and run outside. But! At least it’s not snowing. (Knock on wood Korea doesn’t have spring blizzards like Nebraska…) Heard the other day that state had 80 degree weather- now that is something to wish for!

Am starting morning workouts with a couple friends. The girl that leads it used to be a counselor at a fat camp on the east coast. She’s tough, but I know I’m going to get results. Day 1: beautiful morning. great workout. so much energy even after a long day of teaching. Day 2: may be cursing under my breath, but I need to get back into shape. I am hoping to find a half marathon to train for in the next couple of months before it gets too hot. This winter was rough with being sick and feeling unmotivated to run in the cold. Two years of desert living- I’ve become the biggest cold weather wimp. No more tough me in the cold weather wearing mini skirts on New Years’- No way! How I ever did that in college is beyond me. New motto: be warm and wear layers, and a hat, and scarf, and mittens… Goodness I sound old, but hey, I’m just listening to the sound of my mother’s and my yoga teachers scoldings. 😉

This week my mother challenged me with this: Be ready to be amazed our God is great. I am amazed. Amazed that He has provided so much for me and still continues to provide. Amazed that He has blessed me with encouraging words. Amazed that He has given me opportunities to love others. Amazed that He loves me no matter what actions aren’t pleasing to him. Amazed that He has given me great students, fun co-teachers, and a healthy work environment. (I know the conditions could be so much worse!) Amazed that He has allowed me to befriend kids at an orphanage and hopefully be a light to them, showing them that they are loved and that they are important. Amazed that each year when winter hits the coldest most painful moment, spring always comes. Amazed that even though my schedule is jam packed with teaching, lessons, working out, keeping in touch with family and friends, and hanging out with new friends, I find time for myself because He knows I need the peace and quiet time to refocus and re-energize. I found this great quote I had written a few months ago on a sticky pad as I was going through things this weekend: “Our trials are not superficial or irrelevant. They are vehicles that God uses to bring us growth.” Maybe I have shared before, but it’s true. God uses difficult moments to show us how amazing He is and how He wants us to continue to grow and mature in Him.

Next topic. I am so impressed with my little brother. Well he’s not so little anymore…he’s growing up! As many of you know it’s prom time in my small town. And he asked one of his good friends by baking a cookie and writing in frosting, “Will you go to prom with me?” I’m just so proud of him. He probably won’t appreciate me writing about this, but watch out ladies, my brother’s a keeper, but you’ve got 3 sisters to go through first! 😉

I came across this fantastic article the other day by another blogger and I found it quite interesting. It’s entitled, “Date A Girl Who Travels.” Great article. “http://www.solitarywanderer.com/2012/02/date-a-girl-who-travels/#comment-2710” 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJZR5QNugQ4 getting ready to dance song!

http://seoulistic.com/quick-tip/how-to-get-free-wifi-anywhere-in-korea-2/ : pretty sweet site! 🙂

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