And then I got acupuncture…

January 5th

Teaching my little Phonics class how to pronounce their Fs today…fa, fa, fa, fa- there’s no “F” sound in Korea and they don’t know how to make the sound with their teeth on their lips so I spent time today showing them how to make the sound…

After more coughing in class, in yoga, and practically gagging myself I was coughing so hard I had had enough…instead of waiting for the weekend, I decided to get acupuncture. A lady in yoga class went with me and we did our best to communicate with the nurses and doctor what was wrong. They put me in this curtain-off’d area and I laid on this bed. They put heavy warm padding my stomach then stuck a needle or two (I couldn’t see, and barely felt) in my left foot, then put about 5 needles in my hand. I barely felt anything. After that I was just supposed to lay there for like 40-50 minutes..during that time another nurse came into the area and placed this candle like thing with some type of herb smoking from it…for relaxation. See picture. It smelled so strongly of marijuana…

I think my back feels better already. I was also given Korean traditional medicine for my throat/cough as well…I need to psyche myself up to drink it. It looks nasty!

Walked home in a bit of a daze, my hair still reeks of whatever it was…made some applesauce and tea; now it’s time for bed!

January 6th

I heard from a dear friend in Phoenix today…her email contained the following verse Proverbs 1:32.

“For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them…”

According to the definition…

Complacency: a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation,condition, etc.

I had to read this several times…the first part of the definition: a feeling of quiet pleasure and security- makes me wonder if often people just read this portion and continue living their lives without a doubt of any evil or hardships around them or ignoring upcoming circumstances and not dealing with anyone other than themselves…

Then I read on…often unaware of some potential danger, or self-satisfaction with a current situation…how many times have I only thought of myself in certain situations and ignored others’ feelings or wishes?

Scripture warns against complacency…be aware, be alert, don’t settle into a routine because it may be shaken up, look for guidance and wisdom, don’t become wayward because everything seems perfectly fine…nothing is for certain except the grace of God.

As I continue to grow and develop and live my life I pray I don’t become complacent. That I always search for ways to love others and stimulate my understanding of God’s work in me.

January 7th

the lady at Ustav loves us!

Lovely conversations with my dear sister and friends this morning…

Time for Indian food for lunch and a hair cut by a friend (no worries she used to cut hair back in the states!)…

because Korean coffee shops are delighful
Cafe Duomo- lovely

January 8th

Just a relaxing Sunday afternoon at Pasta Vanita…wine, salad, pasta, pizza…good soundtrack and company..

January 9th

Happy 4 Months to Me in South Korea; it’s officially the longest I’ve been out of the country…Africa in 2007 was just under 4 months…Time sure flies, but so far it’s been the hardest and best decision I’ve ever made…

January 10th

The cold months are hard to get motivated to do anything…it seems all I want to do is nap!
I read today…
Unhappiness on earth cultivates a hunger for heaven. By gracing us with a deep dissatisfaction, God holds our attention…We are not happy here because we are not supposed to be happy here…We were not made for earth, but for heaven. 
You will know moments or even days of peace. But they simply do not compare with the happiness that lies ahead. (Max Lucado)

January 12th

The past couple of days have been fairly uneventful…just reading the Hunger Games, doing yoga, and playing online scrabble (hey! I got 99 points off of “jets”)…story of my lazy hibernation this winter…

Couple cute responses from the kiddos:

While reviewing “how are you today?” and saying “I’m happy.” “I’m sad.” “I’m angry.” one of my students when asked says, “I’m angry birds.”

The dialogue today in my Super Kids Level 5 book had a the following:
“Where were you?” “I was talking to the principal.” But according to my student it read, “I was talking to the princess.”

Gotta love it.

This evening when I was riding the bus to Yulha to meet a friend, I had this crazy realization. I am on a bus. I am on a bus in Korea. I am on a bus in Korea and I know exactly where I am.

Getting home from the coffee shop I successfully gave the taxi driver directions (speaking in Korean) to drop me off directly in front of my apartment; instead of the high school or small shopping area that is still a few blocks a way. YAY!!! I actually think I made him a bit mad because I accidentally missed the turn in the dark so I had to take him in a circle. Oops…

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