Did you know cheetahs eat melons?

I didn’t. Apparently listing that cheetahs devour antelopes was too graphic for the Super Kids book so they listed they eat melons. I had to google it just to be sure: Cheetahs eat melons as a source of water. I learn something new everyday. My co-teacher looked at me and says “isn’t a cheetah a cat, and don’t they eat meat?” Umm…that’s what I thought.

Learning to go with the flow. Even more. Yesterday my co-teacher asked me if I had flashcards made for Phonics Cue 1. I had no idea what she was talking about. I told her I had made flashcards for Phonics Cue 3 and was working on Phonics Cue 4, but did not know anything about Phonics Cue 1. She then tells me I would be teaching Phonics Cue 1 that day. I looked at her (I believe rather blankly) and said I didn’t even know I’m so sorry I wasn’t even given that book or was told. Yep, she forgot! Forgot to tell me I would be teaching little ones their ABCs and forgot to tell me to make flashcards. Luckily, flashcards had already been made for the ABCs. Phew! Then today I go to print the pictures to make the flashcards- we have already established that I cannot draw worth a darn- and the printer is broken. I tell my co-teacher so she can let the school know. As I was leaving I asked if it was ok to print. Nope. The teacher’s room is being remodeled so printers are unavailable to use…

I love my Phonics Cue 1 class. They are sooo adorable- only 4 or 5 years old!! We (or more like me thinking of something and asking the student if it sounded ok and then them shaking their head yes or no…) picked out their English names yesterday… Anna, Camille, Ellie, Josh, Sam, Jungle (he looked at me and goes I’m Jungle! Ok, buddy, sounds good), and Tom. They are so excited about everything- what a joy to teach! Teaching the ABCs is harder than I thought…I’m trying to reflect how my mother taught me. It’s harder to teach what comes natural after all these years…I have to slow down and really think if I am saying the sounds clear enough. Seeing them learn throughout the next 8 months is going to be so rewarding. 🙂

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

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