Happy New Year: 2012!!!!

JANUARY 3rd, 2012

The first post of the new year.

Spent the last few days of 2011 on Jeju-do. (do=island) It was amazing! Jeju was voted one of the 7 Natural World Wonders. Even in December it was warmer than Jangyu.

We toured many UNSECO World Heritage Sites. Including waterfalls, a cave, Sunrise Peak, and Hallasan.

Jeju’s slogan is “Only Jeju” and we encountered many things and “Only Jeju” fits…

“Only Jeju…”

beaches and snow-capped mountains at 50 degrees F

a cab driver who stops to buy us chocolate and puts on Tom and Jerry during the cab ride

a cab driver who takes us to Ma Park, only to stay with us, take pictures for us, drive us along Mysterious Road, takes a small detour to show us the beach- takes our picture again, and doesn’t get frustrated with us when we change places on him 3 times!

a bus driver who stops the bus to pick oranges and then gives us some.

a hostel whose cafe lady points out ginger tea, then the next morning sends extra ginger with me for our hike.

view of hostel, ocean is just behind those buildings

sun over the port

we rode horses on “Horse Island”

put the car in neutral on Mysterious Road and gravity pulls the car uphill


yep, International Tom and Jerry’s

climbing Hallasan (san=Mountain)


outdoor 노 레 방 and they gave us oranges

we made new friends at the hostel to help ring in 2012

So now that it’s 2012, a new year has begun…last year’s resolution was: Budgeting, Saving, Seeing the World, Trying Something New Each Month, and Blogging Once a Month.
I think it’s safe to say I have been successful in sticking with my resolutions…that’s the thing about goal-setting, you have to make the goals achievable. 🙂
This year’s resolution: to challenge my mind with questions, work, reading, and growing in my faith.
I don’t want to take easy routes, avoid questions that are hard to answer, skim the easy-reads, and surface the depth of the faith I want to have. 

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