Day 23: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 23rd

Happy Christmas vacation! In at 9, kids didn’t show up til 10 (“dumb” principals didn’t inform us!), and I was off at noon. The looks on my co-teachers’ faces when I gave them their gifts were priceless. They were sooo excited and exclamatory! 🙂 I gave them English books for their kids and brought in breakfast. 🙂

Spent the afternoon and evening working out (except I really wanted to go to the desk clerk and say I know you want to pretend you’re a DJ, but Justin Beiber, Trey Songz, and Britney Spears do not mix well with Christmas tunes and listening to the full song would be fantastic instead of the first 45 seconds- on the upside: they played Akon) and reading (A Girl in Translation, about a Chinese immigrant to NYC) and skyping with my little sister. It was so nice to have a free afternoon. Yoga was a good class and had Christmas music playing this evening too. Lovely.

I am so lucky to have found people who help take care of me. I can take care of myself just fine, but it’s always  comforting to have others looking out for you too. I was coughing (it’s incredibly dry here) throughout yoga class and my teacher at the end of class handed me a bag of ginger and told me to make some tea- just add a bit of sugar. Amazing- homemade ginger tea!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve…wishing I was heading to Norfolk for the annual Fuehrer Family Christmas Eve hangout and Mom’s cinnamon rolls (assuming she makes them) and Christmas cookies (especially the peanut butter ones with the chocolate kiss in the center and bon-bons, and “wreath” ones and raspberry bars and the chewy caramel ones) (ugh! I can’t believe I’m missing this!, as my co-teacher said today, it’s only one Christmas and not to be sad- she’s so sweet)…but have fun plans in Busan to make up for not being with the family…

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