Day 20: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 20th

5 days til Christmas; 4 teaching days til break! 🙂

2011 Fuehrer Family Christmas letter:

안녕하세요 (Hello!)
Merry Christmas from South Korea! Being thousands of miles away from the comfort of home doesn’t get me out of writing the annual letter, but I must admit I was asked and partially offered. Last year I wrote from Phoenix, Arizona, this year from Jangyu, South Korea; bets are up for next year’s location. This year’s theme is… travel!
Tim and Jake traveled to AZ to play golf in March; Timmie graduated from ASU in May- Mom and Abby traveled to the ceremony.
Road trips were taken by me from AZ to NE, Tim and Abby to TN, Steph and Timmie to MO and the Quad Cities to see old friends.
Abby spent her fall semester in Tennessee and traveled the state with the grandparents and Timmie.
Victories were had by Jake who traveled to state wrestling last winter and this summer for baseball.
Everyone was home in Holdrege, Nebraska for a few weeks this summer between their travels!
Lucky girl that she is, Timmie traveled to the U.K., Ireland, Denver, and biked the Michelson Trail in S.D.
I traveled 30 hours by plane, and 3 hours by bus to get to SK to teach elementary students English. My travel each day to work: a 10 minute walk.
No amount of miles can separate this family; Timmie- going to Chiropractic College in St. Louis; Abby studying in Tennessee and Kearney; and Tim, Steph, and Jake traveling for their various coaching and school activities; and myself in South Korea.
God traveled to Earth to save us; the ultimate trip of all! 

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