Day 18: A Story A Day Til Christmas

 December 18th

During the Christmas season, commercials heighten and my inbox becomes flooded with extra coupons and supposed best sale ever, mega-deals, and enticing specials. As I sift through them it’s really a scam…to get people to buy more even though they don’t need the extra item or even discount (because they’re actually spending more money). More. Searching for more, spending more, wanting more than what’s already been given or bought. Never satisfied, never content. Adding material items to the ultimate equation of Jesus=Life, not Jesus plus X= Life. He is enough. He is enough love, life, truth, faith, hope for any of us to even begin to imagine. Enough. Not More. Not Less. Enough. He could take away everything and give us anything, but He would still be Enough to Satisfy our every desire. He will always love us. He will never leave us, never forsake us. The world will fail us, but he never will.

baileys and hot chocolate to keep us warm!

go Changwon Wednesdays! (no joke that’s the team name)

Time for some football! (Soccer) A bunch of guys from England, Ireland etc played football in Changwon, so a bunch of us went out to watch; then a benefit dinner for an orphanage at O’Briens (a real English/Irish pub).

And I bought real cheese at E-Mart. For 13,000. It was as much as my red wine for two blocks of cheese. I can’t wait for my grilled cheese! Such a delicacy and totally worth it.

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