Day 17: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 17th

Spent the day in Busan. Ah the ocean on a sunny Saturday…freezing cold, but Starbucks was playing Christmas music and the peppermint mocha had a cozy holiday feeling.

Went with my friend to a waxing appointment- the ladies spoke English and were really nice. Kinda proud of myself for being able to get to the beach and finding the place. My sense of direction has gotten keener.
Found her a bathing suit- in December- in South Korea. We thought it quite an accomplishment! She is super excited; her and her fiance are going to the Philippines for holiday vacation.

I bought a hot pink sweater dress thing at a random store in the subway station- the size, the lady told me was “free-for-all.” And I found some delicious red wine at Shinsegae (the world’s largest department store). The sales person was so nice and discounted it 50% and gave me a free wine opener. I have no idea what I did to get that! It will be so nice to have for Christmas vacation. Now I just need a lamp to make my place more homey.

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