Day 16: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 16th

As I was getting ready to give the kids their spelling class in my 5th class today; they all were outraged as usual and one of the girls says “teacher, you’re beautiful, but, you’re the “fuehrer” and shakes her fist. I say, “do you know that’s my last name?” She got the most confused look on her face so I wrote it on the board…all the students went into hysterics. And my co-teacher tried to explain it to them…haha.

After class I bought my students “dukk-bogi”- these rice cakes things in hot sauce and we sat in the tiny (hole-in-wall) shop and I sat there for 20 minutes with them while they talked together. The ladies at the shop know me because I go there sometimes and they were so excited that I was eating with my kids and I liked the food.

I wouldn’t trade my Friday night yoga for anything! The ladies are the sweetest. I walked into class tonight and everyone was sitting cozily on the floor drinking tea and eating sweet potatoes and apples. We got to talking (in broken English for them and broken Korean for me); We were going over body parts and some poses in Korean- and I know most of them (yay!) except then my teacher grabbed her boobs- I have no idea what the word is- and all the ladies including my teacher burst into laughter- I’m pretty sure my mouth just dropped, then they explained the word to me… we only did about 30 minutes of actual yoga tonight. One of the ladies bought me comfy long pants because the night before I had come to class in cropped yoga pants and they all told me to wear tights under my long pants- pretty sure they think I’m crazy! I just can’t bring myself to wear a turtleneck, but I’m sure one of these days I’ll cave in. It’s sooo cold here- and it probably doesn’t help that I came from living in the desert for the past two years. They asked me what the best part of Korea was; and I told them “yoga!” The instructor got this huge smile on her face and clapped her hands; another asked if I had made Korean friends- I told them that all of them were my friends. They were so excited! And it’s the honest truth. I adore them.

5 more teaching days til vacation! 🙂

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