Day 14: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 14th

I actually forgot about this from yesterday: I have a cold and came into yoga all stuffed up- sore throat/nose etc and my yoga teacher gave me some ginger tea (delicious!) and then went into her back room and brought out this brown stuff- poured me some in the cap and then her and the other ladies kept saying in Korean “one shot,” “one shot!” (like all I needed was some lime and salt!) so I had to drink it. (nasty!) My throat is still sore, but not as much.
The looks on my co-teachers faces when I bring them coffee is soo cute! They get excited and it makes my whole day! It’s the very least I could do- they work so hard. 🙂
When Sunny and I went down to the second floor to begin our classes another Korean teacher was there and very upset. I guess one of the kids brought in a big stone and another kid threw it out the window. She was asking Sunny why we weren’t down there, but we don’t start class til 1:30, I think now someone has to be in that room starting at 1:00…but I didn’t really catch the whole story. There aren’t any screens on the windows and half the time the kids hang out of them, yelling at students below. It scares me- one of these days someone will get pushed all the way out of the window by another.
I found out today that it is Korean tradition to watch the sunrise on New Year’s Day. I’m looking forward to this because I love the sunrise- maybe it’s because it’s something beautiful to welcome in a new day and the fact that morning time is my favorite part of the day. However, I find this odd, because it seems to me that Koreans are not morning people. The gym is practically empty in the morning and coffee shops don’t open until at least 10 a.m. (maybe my judgement of “morning” is a bit off, but these two things somewhat reiterate if someone is a morning person.) My co-teachers are not morning people either and they think I’m crazy for waking up so early…in fact they asked if I felt safe at “that” hour…oh dear. So maybe this is their one day to watch the sun rise? Apparently, there are festivals all along the coast and more than 50,000 people show up to each one…
The link below is to one of my favorite Christmas stories from the red book: 
It’s incredible how much just a small thought like the one in the story can change someone’s life… beautiful. 🙂

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