Day 13: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 13th 

Day started off normal…But then as I was going to lunch after my Korean lesson (which I’m slllooowwly getting better at) before class started my co-teacher asks if it’s ok that I have a class by myself because she has an appointment. Umm…I can’t really say no? At lunch I wasn’t actually that nervous about it…she leaves at 2, in the middle of my Phonics class. She just told me to play a game with them because they were done with the day’s lesson. I had my Super Kids 3 class next. I just wrote on the board what the day was going to look like- Words Test, a mini grammar lesson, review last week’s story and then game. It went so well! They were quiet (as quiet as 10-11 year olds can be) and for the most part they listened. I’m so proud of them for participating and paying attention! 🙂 I think it helped them knowing exactly what they were going to be doing for the class because they all asked where Korean- teacher was. My co-teacher came back afterwards for the rest of the day which was nice.

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