Day 12: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 12th

This morning at the gym the owner proceeds to watch me do my Nike Training Workout. So awkward, as it has jumps, squats, lunges, etc. I tried to explain to him that it was a routine, but I don’t think he understood and kept muttering in Korean while I kept pointing at my ipod and saying Nike-see-Nike…Seriously dude it’s like 5:30- please don’t watch me for 45 minutes, it’s slightly uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell him to go away because he wouldn’t have understood me…

My grandma’s birthday packaged finally arrived today! Crazy addresses here. I’m so thrilled; she knows exactly what I like: funky oatmeal (blueberry muffin, cinnamon roll, and cinnamon and spice), tea and salted caramel hot chocolate, and dove dark chocolate. Perfect on these cold nights! 🙂

The kids were naughty today. Oh Mondays. But– I found out that on Wednesday and Thursday I don’t have my fifth class because the kids will be on a ski trip. Sweet! And it’s sunny here even though it’s freezing. My co-teachers told me to wear a scarf…and I definitely have my winter coat on by the last class.

The Redemption Sermon Week 6… complaining, being idle busybodies, being nosy and meddling into others’ business. Maybe I don’t necessarily talk out loud, but on the internet- jumping from site to site- etc…do I really need to know these things?
Keep Your Head Down. (don’t bring attention to yourself, refrain from complaining)
Mind Your Business.
Work Hard. (With your own hands)

Be someone who works hard…not because of sin, but to glorify Him.

What a challenge!

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