Day 10: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 10th

I don’t mind the cold when I’m indoors drinking my coffee and eating my cookies. It’s kind of a nice thought knowing it’s freezing outside and I’m comfy in my apartment. Lovely start to this Saturday.

Heading to Busan today to meet my recruiter, Seri. I am so excited because we have been emailing back and forth since July about my job and Korea. We had so much fun! Her friend drove down from Pohang and drove us around the city. He treated us to a really nice 불고기 lunch (at Bulgogi Brothers). It was delicious! They even had a Caribou Coffee! (Laura Deever aren’t you excited?!)

Hundae Beach

Songjeong Beach


Walked around Hundae Beach for awhile then drove along this pretty backroad to another beach- Songjeong Beach. After that we headed to Nampodong to see the festive lights. I got to meet her boyfriend who has traveled quite a bit and had lived in the US for a while. He speaks English well…her another close friend did not so Seri translated quite a bit. Conversation was fun over chicken and soju/beer.

soju/beer- you take a utensil and whack the shot into the beer 
“gombey”- “cheers”

Headed home around 10:30, but then a few other foreigners were out in Busan. I decided against going back to Jangyu because I hadn’t really hung out with them before. Good group of people.

ok so I didn’t like makkoli until I tried the green tea and honey

We ended up in a back alley makkoli bar and then went to a wine, coffee, and book shop after. The lunar eclipse was tonight- we watched it bundled up on the beach. Beautiful.

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