Day 9: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 9th

Happy 3 Months of “being” in Korea to me! Wow the time sure does fly! 🙂 Top 9 at 9 on the 9th: 

(sort of reminds me of the pop radio station Pepsi Top 9 at 9 that I would listen to in high school)

9. One of my closest friend is moving to California today and I am so incredibly happy for her!
8. My little sister hates packing- I think as much as I do.
7. I finally got the nerve to tell my English-speaking neighbor how much I enjoyed the guitar-playing.
6. Korean “mini” oranges are delicious.
5. I’m starting to crave “mahndoo” (dumplings).
4. At the market today I asked for everything I wanted at each of the stands in Korean. (yay! including: chicken, peppers, oranges, apples, how much?, a little, please give me, thank you, and good-bye)
3. Apparently I can pronounce Korean words well once I say them- or so I’m told…maybe they’re just being nice.
2. Tonight while I was waiting for the light to turn at the crosswalk a little girl comes up to me and tries to put a piece of chicken in my mouth- it was on a toothpick. Adorably priceless. 
1. My job, though difficult and stressful at times, is beginning to feel more relaxing. And…I got to see the end of  Kung Fu Panda 2 today… 5 times. *It’s All About the Inner Peace*
I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have and with everything that happens. Philipians 4:11

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