Day 8: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 8th

Cravings. How are they satisfied? Are they ever fully quenched or do you long for more? More Christmas cookies that come once a year, more sunshine when the snow falls to the ground, or a cool breeze when the heat beats down? More time after an hour passes? Deeper friendships, a desire for belonging? An extravagant adventure when feet are planted or the safety of home when you’re flying through the air? We are never satisfied. We yearn for more… Of everything. Are your cravings for the good in life?

 I was talking to a friend today explaining that I had been craving connection, someone to share in my growth as a Christian, someone to share in my joy, and I am so blessed to have found her and have my sisters in my life to share these experiences with.

Today my 10 year old girls had more attitude…well than me. And they have the hair swish down. So when it was Carrie’s turn to answer the question she flips her hair back and forth, sighs, and in a disgusted voice goes “I’m so-so. My name’s Carrriee. Howw are you?” and then gives Sunny-teacher and I the worst look in the books. This however, did not compare with Kelly’s attitude yesterday. “Teacherrrr…Mafffiiiaaa gammmeee.” “Kelly, turn to page 10 in your backpack book.” “No. Mafia game.” (Seriously these girls can outdo any whine I’ve ever heard!) And the boys are right behind them! Usually their whining is done in Korean, but that’s one tone of voice that I’m all too familiar with. Dear goodness! Silly kids. Sometimes Sunny and I whine back at them and then all they say is “Teacherrrr, you funnnyyyy!”

Happy Thursday!!!

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