Day 5: A Story A Day Til Christmas

December 5

Yesterday… had coffee with a friend who has been to Zanzibar and knows what chapati is! 🙂 It was lovely. We both had “When I was on a bus to Tanzania….” stories; even though hers was a bit more tragic than mine. We both agreed it was nice to reminisce about the white sand beaches and crystal teal water…She volunteered with the Peace Corps for a year and a half and had so many interesting things to say.

It’s getting colder out, but the fresh air and 8 miles of walking did me good. Later that evening I helped decorate a Christmas tree…so I feel a bit more in the holiday spirit. Think I need to get some candles and a lamp to make my apartment feel a bit cozier.

Today the kids started their new books…it was an odd day. Hardly any kids it seemed…I was told the classes tend to drop off near and over the break because the students are studying for crazy exams…and they’re only in elementary and middle school! I did find out that one of my co-teachers is leaving in January- not the one who teaches with me, but the other who has her own class. Apparently the job is stressful for her (as well!)– it eases some of my worries about the stresses of the job- knowing that she is feeling the same way. Changes will be happening soon enough…trying not to think about them and just enjoy December…my week vacation will be here soon enough. 20 days til Christmas! 14 days of teaching til Break! I can do this! 🙂

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