Day 3: A Story A Day Til Christmas…

December 3

Technically it is now December 4th in SK; but I didn’t post on the 3rd- but this shall be excused since a majority of my readers are still living on December 3rd.

Relaxing weekend… and new discovery: spin bikes at the gym- how could I have missed this before?! Now to become motivated and make up my own routines…ha!

beautiful late afternoon…still have fall colors!
yummy Indian food…love this restaurant!

Christmas lights!

My story…

Happy Smile… as opposed to sad, mischievous, or seductive 

First of all I would like to just reiterate how much I love skype. Being able to communicate with the ones I love was something I took for granted back home. And now even with the scheduling of skype dates it has become something treasured and something meaningful…to be able to build each other up and encourage each other day to day. Amazing! I am truly blessed with the relationships in my life.

In the past couple of days I had been contemplating this matter: what if where I’m at right now is a blessing and work of grace in my life- being dropped off in the middle of discomfort and unfamiliarity, but free of all distractions I had been running from to get my life in order, and a midst the non distracting lifestyle I hit rock bottom. No, I didn’t loose money; no, I didn’t experience great sickness or loose a loved one. I didn’t loose faith or hopelessness; I didn’t loose my job, I didn’t loose stability or education; I hit my rock bottom: mentally. A point where I lost control of plans I was making, thoughts I was having, dreams I once had, and feelings I gave into. I was distracted by life and was spiraling out of control- what used to make sense- didnt anymore.

I seriously think God was humored by my original plans to go to SK by not even taking him into consideration (I mean yes, he gave me the desire to travel and see the world and help people- but how many times did I actually seek him in my decision making?). So he created numerous obstacles as if to say, “So you think you’re going to go across the world by yourself- good luck, Megan. P.S. when are you going to realize that you actually need me to complete my will for your life and actually become a vessel for the kingdom of heaven. I’m actually going to drop you in the middle of nowhere; free of all the distractions you were wishing away, oh but by the way you’re going to be teaching “little monsters,” not to worry though despite your fear of teaching and lack of confidence, you’re going to feel my peace and arms around you everyday- just seek after me and put all your faith in me and I’ll be there like I always have. You have hit the rock bottom I prayed you wouldn’t, but it took rock bottom for you to come back to me, my child.”

So here I sit in a cafe or my apartment, in a small country town, free of all the distractions I despised and temptations I wasn’t resisting; clinging to God for dear life. Because let’s be honest I’m scared to death every time I step foot out of my apartment: I’m halfway across the world, in a place I don’t understand, by myself. Granted it’s becoming familiar, but it doesn’t compare to the comforts and conveniences of home. With God’s grace and mercy, he gives me the peace and strength I need to walk to school and enter the classroom. Every single day. And at my most anxious moments I am at the most peace. I am here to learn, to love, to develop stronger bonds with the people I am closest to back home, and to ultimately seek Him and His will for my life.


All About: a cafe that just opened in Yulha. All About. All About…peace, love, and joy during this Christmas season…

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