A Story A Day Til Christmas…

 A Story a Day 'Til Christmas Volume ll

December 1

A Story A Day Til Christmas…the red book always pulled from the “Christmas book box” the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas decorations were going up. The book, that as a kid, my siblings and I would try to sneak peak ahead to each “mini” story as the days inched closer to Christmas day. Of course we had to wait a week or so after Thanksgiving to even start reading the book. 🙂
This Christmas in light of the red book (I actually purchased my own copy when I moved to AZ, but sadly did not pack it to SK- my family will just have to read them to me- yay story time!)…I’m going to blog my own “Story a Day til Christmas.” My college roommate and I discussed past Christmases recently, so I’d like to start the stories with our Christmas letter of 2008.

Enjoy! and Happy December 1st!

Dear Friends and Family,
Holiday Greetings to all! We hope this letter finds each of you happy, healthy, safe, and warm, and perhaps snuggled under a blanket in front of the Christmas tree with a cup of cocoa.  Because we finally moved in together again after living on Northborough Lane (a place we usually wish not to discuss…yet have plenty of stories and annoyances to share with everyone) we thought we should include all of you in our joy! We have been living in Black Sand Apartments since May and have loved every minute of it, except for when one of us leaves on the weekends and the other is left to work. Both of us will begin our last semester at UNL in January and will be anxiously awaiting graduation in May! (The day cannot come soon enough!) We hope you enjoy the update of our lives and welcome in the New Year with us!
We have endured a lot while living at Black Sand. Our neighbors below us not only keep us up all night with their loud music, but once flooded their apartment with three inches of water after a crazy night at the bars. We awoke at 3 a.m. to fire trucks blaring in our ears and firemen beating down their door. Hence we only got three hours of sleep because we both had to work super early the next morning. Those working in the leasing office are always a joy (NOT) to work with and it seems that there is always somebody new working there because somebody else gets fired or quits.  Sometimes our television channel 35 (Celebrity News) doesn’t have sound. Other than that we couldn’t be happier, especially since we get free heat and this place doesn’t allow cats!
Lori is majoring in business administration. Next semester she will only have 12 credit hours and gets to take fun classes such as bowling and volleyball! Lori is still wearing her red and khaki and working as a Team Leader at Target.  This holiday season she was responsible for leading all new team members through orientation as they began their new jobs.  This fall she was able to attend several Husker volleyball games and experience a few downtown “establishments” after Husker football games.  Keeping up with Hollywood gossip, sleeping, and group work for all her marketing classes keeps Lori busy!
This summer Lori was accepted into the Consortium of International Business Management and Analysis (big name= importance) Program, which entailed studying abroad in Italy for five weeks.  While also earning credit for school, she got to travel to such sites as Rome, Venice, Florence, and Munich, Germany.  She came back with many memories, pictures, wine, and a profound hatred for red sauce and noodles.  Like her roommate, she now wants to travel even more.
Lori will graduate in May after earning college credit from four different institutions.  She is unsure of what she wants to do but hopes a job will come her way that allows her to make bank and grant her travel opportunities.
Megan is a hospitality, restaurant, tourism management major!  With 15 hours next semester, including an internship at the Hilton in Omaha and with the State Tourism Department, she will be on the go for sure! Oh well, she likes to work…we guess?! She took on a weekend job during football season at Brewsky’s. Even with the really long hours she still had a lot of fun- but that’s over now! Training for the Arizona Rock ‘n Roll half marathon in January and again for the Lincoln half marathon in May, as well as group meetings, coffee dates, and the nightly routine of distracting Lori from her homework all keep Megan busy throughout the week!
This summer Megan was left alone for five weeks while Lori was escapading around Europe. Just working 8-5 Monday through Friday was a dream. Her days were spent lounging by the pool and relaxing and the nights spent dancing on the town.
 In May, Megan will graduate and fulfill her dream of moving to the west coast. Fingers crossed, she will begin applying for jobs soon and hopes one comes along that will be fun! JEvent planning is what she hopes to go into and will probably end up at a hotel, resort, or perhaps someday her own business.
That’s all folks. We hope you have enjoyed our update and welcome the NEW YEAR in with a bang! It’s hard to believe we’ve been out of high school for 4 years and now are having mid life crisis’ at 22 (at least Megan anyways)!!!                       
Lots of love: Lori and Megan

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