Two Days til Thanksgiving…

November 22nd

What are you thankful for? The going question the month of November…and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately. What am I truly thankful for? God’s grace. His asking me if he were to say No to all my prayers, would what he has already given me be enough? His grace. His love. All of the things he has already blessed me with, would they be enough? Would I be content with His Grace?

I am also thankful for my amazing family and friends. Without their support and encouragement, I would already be back home, on a plane, far away from Korea. Especially this week.

I work at a lower income school’s after school program. After speaking with an individual who has been here for 4 years, I was advised to perhaps wait it out a month or so more and see how it goes before pursuing other options. The public school system in Korea is not one of the greatest, in regards to budget and resources, even though they want their kids to learn English. As they call it, it was said to me it’s almost like “studying” English, not learning it.

My first instinct after given this advice was to start looking at other options. I can actually apply for a D10 visa, it’s called a job seeking visa, to find something else. But then it hit me. I couldn’t leave my kids. They light up when I walk onto the school grounds, they want Megan- teacher to check their work, they want my attention even though they don’t participate in class, I think it’s just me being there.

I am stronger than my weakest day. I can do this despite the challenges the school system has, the expectations they have for a foreign teacher is basically to just read from the book to the kids. Well, in that case, I’ll be the best book reader there is.

Here’s my thought…If I am not given the resources to create lessons of my own and expected to pay for the ones I do provide without compensation, I can’t keep that up or I’ll spend all my money on teaching! Not that my plans include being a lame teacher, but if a place can’t provide the basics like a printer, ink, and paper, then there’s really nothing I can do-unless I buy a printer? Even then, are they just trying to push me around and ask even more from me? I was scolded the other day for printing too many worksheets by the head teachers of the school. Not my co-teachers, for they were the ones requesting that I start doing more worksheets again. My co-teacher rushed into the teacher’s room, spoke a few words to the teachers, then picked up my bag, my books, shoved my coat in my arms, grabbed my arm and rushed me out of the lounge before I even knew what was happening. I barely got to log out of my emails and a English membership site I joined. I didn’t even realized we had climbed a flight of stairs before we stopped.

Today, my co-teacher said I could print one or two pages of worksheets and then she would bring them to my director’s office in Changwon to print. I guess that solves that problem. For now. Then I found this really cool interactive game site online. We do have computers and a screen, so I thought perfect- other teachers get to use powerpoints and things like this, why not show my teacher…fail. She thought it would be too much work to set up the computer/screen.

I am thankful for the kind people I have met in this town. The lady at Cafe Muse and my yoga teacher both gave me hugs when they saw me tearing up. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who care about me, I just need to take the time to appreciate the friendships I have made and cherish them while I am here in Korea.

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