"Are You Fatal, Bad, and Sexy?"

Friday October 28th

2000 page views. So thrilled. What an accomplishment! And I don’t think it counts the people who get emailed subscriptions and I know there’s more to that number. Amazing. It gives me confidence as a writer,which is an ultimate goal of mine by the time I’m 32 or so to have a book written. I smile at the memory of when I first told someone I was going to write a book, because I loved words. I have grown so much as a writer since then- establishing a style and reflecting on experience that people can appreciate and relate, or perhaps live through my words because their experiences are completely different; reading about world travels and my encounters. It’s one of those warm-fuzzy feelings, knowing people read my work.

Saturday October 39th

Today a friend and I went to Busan. The third gray weekend in a row, so we decided a spa day was necessary. Only 14000 won to access the spa. Lovely. Hot spring baths outside on a chilly rainy afternoon. And after weighing myself…(it’s nice not having a scale easily accessible)…I am at my goal weight I have had for…a long time.

After our relaxation we went to the beach to watch the fireworks festival. Such masses of people…then it started to downpour. There was absolutely no room to sit until some foreigners from England motioned us over to sit…the downpour continued and we were soaking, some people started to leave, then people started to stand for the show. We got up to venture our way out- it was miserable, we turned to the oceanview just as the first ‘works were going off…we managed to find a good sized open space towards the back of the beach and decided to stay for a few minutes. Good music. Beach. Ocean. Rain. Fireworks. Spectacular. However, it was wise that we left when we did…so much pushing and shoving and umbrellas poking every which way; the streets and subways were packed! Back home we decided hot tea would do us good. Honey Bush Caramel tea. Delightful.

The rain doesn’t get in the away of a show!

SK does fireworks right!

Sunday October 30th

This morning was nice…another rainy one, though I didn’t mind. Took a nap and made posters for open class activities. I have developed “teacher’s handwriting:” big, bold, and choppy letters. I needed some fresh air from being inside all day so I took a walk…my coffee beans didn’t get ground so I went and that done…the family who owns the place is sweet. The husband and wife have the cutest baby girl with the chubbiest cheeks ever! So adorable. It makes me smile. I think the grandpa was there today holding her and talking to me.

After a few minutes there, I decided to stop in this noodle place that I had always passed…managed to order noodles and these tasty dumpling things by pointing to the pictures. It was nice. Tonight was chilly, the rained had stopped a while ago, prolonged my walk a bit further down the river and went into another coffee shop I had passed on my run called Caffe Duomo. My sisters and I are going to start the 1 Thessalonians series that Redemption Church is doing. I even downloaded the study guide to my iBooks on my iPod- seriously. technology. Spent some time reading and relaxing here. The lady was nice and gave me the wifi password.

I can’t get enough of the coffee shops here… Today I had to chuckle; they were playing the whole Bruno Mars album…lazy song, grenade, just the way you are, marry me, etc etc…it was so random that the whole album would be playing…one right after the other…for some reason his songs reminds me of my little sister…especially the “Lazy Song,” not that she is lazy, because she isn’t, but she’s one of my favorite people to lounge with and be lazy! 🙂 Families strolled in and out- mothers, fathers, grandparents, children meandering behind…crowding around tables inside and out…it made me think of my family and miss them a lot. So I emailed my mom.

Monday October 31st

What a gorgeous fall day! Sunshine, fall colors, and fresh air. My co- teacher Ashley and I got lunch today and hung out for a while. She is getting a facial and is relaxing without her son (he is at nursery) for a few hours. I am enjoying becoming her friend…she even invited me to her home for Christmas! It is really special getting to know someone in the country that they call their home. It reminds me of my roommate, Nana, who I was friends with during my study abroad in Kenya and who was there to answer all my questions and give me insight to what real life was like for her and her family…not just the life I was living as a university student in another country. These friendships in my life are truly unique…but I wouldn’t have them any other way. This is what makes my time here worthwhile and special…that I’m not surrounding myself with people who are just like me, but reaching out and being friends with someone I might not have the chance to in other situations.

It was nice to be able to run and relax this morning. Yoga will be this afternoon, and I may go for an evening walk.

Wednesday November 2

Today was open class today…and it went fabulously! YAY!!! My co-teacher and I after the day was over gave each other a hi-five! Such a relief that is finally over…hopefully the rest of the week will go smoothly.

In other news-news apparently the world is supposed to get to 7 billion people; according to calculations… I am the 4,981,451,962nd person alive on Earth…

Friday November 4 

I had a beautiful fall morning run at 6 a.m…it’s been pretty warm this week and the fresh air felt great…I’ve finally built up to a decent pace for a while now. So good just to run!

I love deep conversations with my sister and friends…lately I feel our friendship bond has strengthened and our faith level has increased…it’s such a blessing to be able to share like I have with them in the past few weeks…It’s a refreshing feeling and I can’t help but realize that this is the level of relationships I have been craving…something to fill the distrustful void and hesitations in my life that I have experienced from various relationships. A wave of “serenity” as a friend calls it has finally come over me…

Yay! It’s Friday! And….I finally have a phone with a Korean number; I got to pick the last 4 digits, so I actually have my parents home phone as my last four digits- sweet! My number is probably the most unlucky number in Korea…you see 4 is very unlucky for them and they even asked me if it was ok the numbers they inputted for the middle ones, but it actually adds up to be my favorite number, 14. haha.

As I was teaching from the Super Kids book today…the story went like this…Which kite do you want? The blue one. May I have that red balloon please? Here you are. What time is it? It’s 4:00. It’s time to go home. (personally they should not have this sentence in here- all the kids want to go home after…especially when the middle of class is really 4:00) …I’m really hungry. Me too. BANG!... (My co-teacher looked at me and goes Bang?- Yep, BANG! and there’s this mini picture of an explosion and the kids are flying every-which-way. priceless. Of course this is the only word the kids actually remember and can say with enthusiasm.) Then there was a small section about foods of the world…and now I’m in need of tacos and salsa- I even said it out loud…salsa and tacos are soo good- the students were like what the heck are those? Then it was kimchi and barbecue and all the kids cheered! (I was like yeaaa about that…I had had bbq in AZ that was delicious, but none yet here so my co-teacher told me that we should go sometime- in addition to this historical town with lots of temples/ruins…I’m so thrilled they want to hang out with me!)

That was the 2nd and 3rd classes of the day. Then in my 5th class my co-teacher left like 15 minutes into class because her daughter was dancing in her kindergarten festival- no worries by me- I had bought playing cards to play Mafia with the kids, they LOVED it! We also ended up playing “one-card…” and the students wanted to stay past 6:20 to play another round. I didn’t leave school until 6:35 that night…and I’m usually home by 6:30. So crazy that during any other classes they are biting the bit to leave at 6:00 and tonight they could have kept on playing. 🙂

My evening yoga class went well. I almost want to switch it from morning to night because it keeps me from eating the whole night through! I really enjoy their company and my instructor.

And now I just hear rain outside my window…it’s like the weekends say “let it rain…” this is the 4th weekend in a row where it’s rained and the weekdays are sunny and warm as can be!

Blog count: over 2400…YAY!

Saturday November 5th: Blog count 2513!!!!


Another rainy Saturday, but headed to Busan. Christmas has arrived at Starbucks and a peppermint mocha was in order. First time ever in Costco- and in South Korea at that! Loving Hut was a vegan hit for lunch then Baskin Robbins for a quick treat. Back to Jangyu for a walk by the river and some reading time. Cafe Duomo also has delicious lemonade. My friend and I continued our eating frenzy by getting chicken nachos and a beer at WA Bar then since it was a really small portion we went to a hole in the wall Makali restaurant and had maakli and pajon- which is a pancake- like substance with seaweed and squid…ok all of you gasp because you know how much I dislike fish- HOWEVER I’m trying new things with a smile on my face and it wasn’t terrible, but I could only handle so much. These words are probably completely misspelled, however I can pronounce them. After that chocolate was in order, we went to the Coffee and Waffle house. Epic Fail. Koreans know how to do their waffles, however this place even with the given name- did not.

Peppermint Mocha 

The shirts we find…English is worn as a pattern…grammar and  actual places don’t seem to matter
Vegan food…

Oh Korea…your signs are just too much sometimes!!!


it looks good…but it wasn’t…sad day!

Wow. This entry was all about food, but that’s pretty much all I did today besides walk around Busan. It’s actually really cool to think that I will probably use chopsticks at least once a day for an entire year.


I’ve been debating to start another blog about the devotions I’ve been reading and sharing my thoughts about the bible study I’ve been doing through Redemption Church in Tempe, but I have decided to just include a few things here and there throughout this blog. I feel that even though it’s a travel blog…it’s more of a life experience read.

So here are a few things from this past week:

Do you doubt that Jesus’s death is enough to pay for all your sins: past, present, and future?

I don’t doubt that Jesus death wasn’t enough, but I am filled with remorse and regret, guilt, and shame of the sins I have done and even more so of the sins I have yet to commit. We will always be sinners. It is the world’s nature. I know I have sins yet to come and I confess them for it is only in Christ I am saved and have the grace upon me. He knows my weaknesses, my worries, my struggles; yet His love surrounds me; when my faith is small or when I am down. The words are indescribable how much I know He has forgiven me~ He is more than enough for me and for you~ He is the only way to life. He is patient for us to accept him, patient for us to grow, patient for us to learn and seek after Him in all aspects of our life. He is displaying His patience for us to be more patient with those around us, that love might be a reflection of Him to them.

What are you pursuing?

Love. Ambition. Stability. Strength. Passions. Comfort. Recognition. Acceptance. Maturity.

And then I find these things I seek shall be counted as loss; for it is Jesus Christ above all, who I should be pursuing- Him and only Him on my heart and mind and soul. For anything gained in my pursuit if I have not gained in Christ nor found faith in Him I am nothing. For pursuing  God instead of world’s expectations will bring salvation. If I pursue becoming more life him, I too, will share in suffering, but attain resurrection from the dead. Pursue Jesus. Pursue his righteousness. Pursue knowing Him and becoming more like Him. Have faith. and Pursue.


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