Hi…My name’s Nancy…

Hi, my name’s Nancy…

My favorite color is pink…

 How sweet is this…

yummy…seriously too good to pass up some days…it’s amazing that I’m not 200 lbs…

Genius. Bags for wet umbrellas…

Saturday October 22

Woke up to a chilly rainy Saturday. Perfect for sleeping in, having a 2 hour skype conversation with my lovely sisters- so good to laugh all three of us together- and my mom, and sitting at Caffe Bene all day to make my games for the kiddos. No internet…What a productive day! A friend kept me company for a while, then I was alone with my music until this little girl comes up to me out of nowhere and says Hi! I responded and started asking her simple questions. What’s your name? Nancy. How old are you? 6. What’s the weather like? It’s rainy! What’s your favorite color and pointed to my markers? Pink! Do you like soccer? No. Do you like singing? Yes.  (How adorable!) (This was a scattered conversation as she kept running back to her mom then back to me.) Then…she climbs up into the chair across from me. I asked her, would you like to color? She got this huge grin on her face and said YES! I gave her some paper and she filled it with mini pictures, then gave her another and she drew herself and gave it to me. Made my afternoon. Yummy hot chocolate and garlic bread to complete the day. Took a walk to get coffee beans roasted. Chose a Colombian roast this time. Apparently the rain is not good for roasting beans so they were unable to roast on Friday…they were out of my delicious Brazilian bean. That’s ok. Next time.

Sunday October 23

Lovely Sunday. Listened to Redemption Service podcast.

Here are my sermon notes:

Command: Preach~ proclaim out word~ has to be the word of God. We can not grow weary…mustn’t stop.  How we do what we do matters. We are on display. But there’s Disconnect; we do one thing and say another. Called to live in and out of season- even if it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, apart from routine. The way you’re living; God detests lukewarm, be hot or cold. Rebuking truth= the worst thing is knowing the truth and not doing anything about it. Can’t tell people what’s wrong unless you can tell them what’s right- with grace. Excertation. Truth about who you are~ that you are saved by grace. In the character of God- complete patience and teaching to yourself.
Time is coming~time is now~ people don’t want to hear it or do anything about it. It’s uncomfortable. It’s misaligned with my own ambitions. Being lost when it comes to Jesus~ even as Christians we forgot to realize the nature of God and walk away, only hearing what meet their needs.
We shouldn’t listen to preachers for entertainment~listen for conviction. for growth.
Church can be relevant to culture be aware of becoming irrelevant in Bible culture~ we underestimate power of Satan~twist and turn truth~underestimating power of God through assuming people know the gospel. Speak in the culture’s language but aware of faith and authority of God’s word.
Be well balanced: always a sinner, but Jesus always saves
Expect suffering: least expected ways, know it’s coming; various trials in each
Be an Evangelist: people don’t want to hear, be faithful, don’t have to have gone to Bible College, know enough to be a Christian, you know enough to share this simple, pure truth: 
Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so
Fulfill your ministry: What can I do next? Continue to pray. Start responding in small ways. It’s one more step to the gospel. 
We are unlikely people in unlikely situations-places to be convicted and share the gospel.

I spent the afternoon visiting my co-teacher’s- Ashley- home. I met her husband and young son. They are a wonderful family. We had delicious Vietnamese food that she had prepared and talked for most of the day about various topics. She invited me to call her whenever I had a free moment, I think she would like to be my friend. I really enjoyed their company and they made me feel so at home. I suggested to her that we could go for coffee or walks with her son especially when our hours change in December and we have more time in the afternoons. It was truly a pleasant experience being invited into someone’s home who were so welcoming.

She also explained to me that when her and Sunny are conversing in front of me in Korean it’s not because they are talking about me, it’s because it’s hard for them to express their feelings and words needed to describe the situation in English. They wouldn’t talk about me…they really enjoy having me there. She calmed a few nerves about the upcoming week for open class and the principal’s visit. She said not to worry and I would be fine.

Monday October 24th

I slept in…was so comfy and it was rainy out. Had a great day in yoga class though- so that made up for it. Day 1 of “I’m cutting back on breads and pastries”: scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, and a bit of garlic and grapes for breakfast. No donut or cinnamon bread today… Delicious.

Was so nervous for my classes today…the people of “higher education” (as explained to me) were dropping by each class…turns out they just watch outside in the hall and look through the window…oook. So really I was all worried for nothing- however I was prepared! My co-teachers loved the games I had spent all weekend making and the students liked them too. It definitely got them talking! Yay for handmade signs with questions (like How are you?) brightly colored- and a magnet stuck to the back for the white board to make a giant board game! 🙂  They also told me today that I was so kind and nice. It helped wash away doubt that they didn’t like me. 🙂

Class 5- the “model” students, my good class of speakers were being soo rude today…so I actually had my first outspoken talk today with them; how having a cellphone and ipod out is disrespectful and I was going to start taking them away. I told them that they were a fun class and I enjoyed bringing in outside materials, but I couldn’t have the extra fun things if they kept acting up. Sunny translated the whole thing and in the end the students were like “No Book, please teacher, thank you…” Fingers crossed I got my point across.

In the middle of my classes during one of our 10 minute breaks Sunny comes up to me and says oh no! you need to email me this lesson plan for open class…for next week- by 11 a.m. tomorrow! (WHAT!??!) She was going to send me the template later tonight. In the middle of my hair appointment I received the template and the program won’t download to my ipod or my computer. So am making everything on Microsoft Word. It’s the only thing I can do. The document won’t even begin to open. And now I’m blogging because this is how I work. If I’m not at home I get stuff down…at home I’m the most distracted person ever…must focused, but so many fun things happened tonight that I had to write! Luckily making lesson plans comes naturally I am finding, just a matter of thinking of order and games and calculating which lesson they will be on in the book.

Hair appointment was at 7…at Park Juns. It’s up to date with everything…chairs that actually fit to the sink…a cosmo in a fancy binder…before and after pictures taken with an ipad…caramel macchiatos, lattes, coffee, juices, toast…whatever we wanted! My hair stylist’s name in Gong-li- her nickname after a Chinese actress. She’s so stylish! She gave me a 20% discount on my color/cut, free protein/damage control, free hand massage, and style…amazing! It was so much fun…she kept telling me she loved learning English and I would help her say different things. She wanted me to come back and not go anywhere- of course I wouldn’t after the sweetest service I received there….everyone was so complimentary and nice. I had two stylists washing, drying, and dying my hair. I felt like royalty. It’s not customary to tip in Korea, but I had to leave something- she motioned she would just keep the change which was only 2000 won, I gave her a bit more and she got this huge smile on her face.

Tonight at Cafe Muse, I had a Begium hot chocolate which is less sweet and less calories, but it was more delicious than regular hot chocolate. Then my friend brought over these miniature rolls with strawberry jam.(so much for my less breads rule…oh well.. the rest of the day was ok!) I swear I meet the hidden gems in this town. She is always so glad when I walk in and says see you soon- she is learning English- but tonight I read the sign for a bit…and discovered they have bagels and cheese.

Views at 1776 (kinda cool- US Independence Day)

Tuesday October 25th

In Phoenix…the temperatures steadily change from 113 to 70…each day its add a degree- subtract a degree until it gets to the seasonal norm. Here in Korea I am noticing there’s a day where the weather just changes. And today it become cold. and windy. I have not missed the wind. The cold was nice, but I need to learn to where warmer clothes. Note to self, you are not in Phoenix this winter! Yummy blueberry bagel and hot chocolate… at Cafe Muse. So inexpensive and delicious…

I have a Korean bank account!!!

And my co-teacher was glad I submitted my lesson plans and didn’t really have any further comments. *phew. What a long day, 3 hours of sleep…but my run and yoga were good today…and I got to come home to good friends and my sister. 🙂

Wednesday October 26th

Another great running day. Yesterday was a silver sliver of moon with a tinted glow around it in the cloudy blue morning sky; today, a hazy sunrise flickering in the river along the path. Though as not as grand as the mountains or sea, it was still breathtaking in the early morning air.
Seriously- great day. Printed off Halloween coloring pages and activities. Yay for tomorrow and Friday! I was so tired today, but my classes went well…less stress and no stomach knots the past two days. I think I’m starting to feel comfortable and now most of my kids in my classes want me to check their work and help them spell words.
So special. Except for one kid wrote F*&^ You on his blank piece of paper when he was supposed to be drawing foods he wanted. I couldn’t believe it- perfectly spelled out. I bought my older kids journals and they were so excited- my co-teacher was too! 🙂
THEN I found out today that the after school program doesn’t have class on Monday because of the school picnic!!! (DOUBLE YAY!)
We do have to practice for open class at some point maybe Monday?…have much to do to prepare…maybe the practice is on Tuesday? Which would mean I would have my 2nd floor kids for 3 days…hmmm sometimes I like the change-up in levels….could be interesting because I think the kids like the change in lessons too… I honestly am excited for the open class now that things are running more smoothly…even in just this past week.

Views at 1912: sweet! Maybe 2000 by November 1st and 2500 by my 25th Birthday! I’m so excited so many people are viewing/reading my blog! Thank you to all who are sharing! 🙂

Thursday October 27th

1. I did a full backbend in yoga today. I saw stars. But after only 2 weeks…I’m already more flexible than I’ve ever been. Awesome. I am doing a “self-experiment” to see how good I can get within this year. 🙂

2. I didn’t really speak English today except to give the kids their spelling tests.

3. The “bad” kids class didn’t get Halloween candy like every other class. I kinda felt bad for them. 😦

4. Early birthday card from Grandma Fuehrer; made my day- love you Grandma! 🙂

5. It’s starting to be colder at nights—the Korean way of heating is through the floor. I have discovered three things…one: leave pajamas on the floor for a warm night…two: my feet are toasty…three…don’t leave the crayons directly on the floor because they will start to melt.

6. How am I so blessed to have the most amazing family and friends anyone could ask for?

7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB28gytubpk&feature=related (beautiful)

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