Teacher! I NOT liar…I.. I.. I… TRUE MAN!

Monday October 17th:

outside “gym” for adults overlooking the river below…

Today was a teaching day rated about a 6.5 and at times a  7 (out of 10; 10 being the best). My worksheets were good, but in one class it was too easy and another, too hard. I guess I’m still trying to get the hang of each class and learn the different levels of types of worksheets.  Or just get creative and start making my own because I know exactly what points I want to cover. I can not find the exact worksheet that I want to cover the topic online! For example, I want to cover only 4 of the “s” blends: sn/sl/st/sw, but can only find a massive worksheet on the 10 or so S blends. So I made my own worksheet. See Below. Yep, I made that story up and my co-teacher told me I was a very good writer. 🙂

Word Blends: sw- st- str- sl- sn
Circle all the words with the sw- st/str- sl- sn blends.
One day, Simon, the slimy snake, slithered over the street. It was sweltering hot and he wanted to find cool place to sleep. Sally the swan, just looked up from the pond across the street and noticed Simon sweating in the street. “Poor thing,” she thought, “he must be hot!” What a sweet swan! When she left her pond, she stopped for cars. She soon reached Simon the snake slithering in the street. “I brought you some slime to cool off,” she said. Simon the snake was very happy at her swell offer. He was sleepy from the sticky day.

In other news, I got my first pay today…in cash. I seriously feel like a gangsta…ballin’ away with all my KRW. I made myself a hair appointment (am about 85% sure I described undertones correctly’ if not, my hair will be purple streaks) and figured out the Lotte Mart photo machine all by myself (it’s all in Korean; I’m lucky; my context clues have always been pretty sharp). My first pay day splurge: a bag of M/M for about 5,000KRW and my hair cut/color.

I also got to talk to my lovely friend Mandy and my little sister this morning, in addition to a good yoga practice it was a wonderful way to start the day and by the end of this Monday, I’d say it was a great start to the week! 🙂

Tuesday October 18th
Today was a disaster! I couldn’t seem to do anything right- too difficult of a worksheet, a game they didn’t like and on top of it my co-teacher was like you need to make games! (what the heck does that mean!?) She pulled me aside and was like we need more speaking (when last week she wanted worksheets?!)—yes I understand that however- you let them speak in Korean instead of English so that doesn’t make any sense either! UGH. And I hate being compared with the previous teacher. That’s awesome that she was a great teacher, but you know what I’m not her and I’m doing the best that I am able and I’m following all your guidance.

I had one shining moment of the day…the cutest little girl- when my co-teacher went to check her work- yanked it away, and said “No! Megan-teacher check!” It was adorable! (I probably should have felt a bit guilty…but not with the day I had!) Bleck. At least I did one thing right.

Wednesday October 19th:
learning lessons…and I’m the teacher?

gotta love the subway station signs

It was a better day today. I’m learning lessons. Lessons in yoga and in school. I’m learning to breathe and relax. I had the worst time today. My breath was out of sorts and I couldn’t steady my back or my stomach. The instructor kept saying breathe breathe breathe…I’m learning to bond with other Koreans in yoga class over our crazy flexible teacher! We all just gasp or bust out laughing together. It’s a sight!

At school…I’m learning to be up front. I approached my co-teacher today and asked if my teaching was up to her expectations and what I could be doing differently. I asked her for what improvements I could make. She understood my being a foreigner and trying to adjust. That I was a good teacher and just needed practice with the levels of students and learning their routines. I’m learning what works, what buttons not to let the students push and which students I can push to their potential. I fully believe these students are smarter than their parents or teachers think they are. My co-teacher today even said that these students are low- level learners. I know some of them are so intelligent and they deserve someone to recognize that. I’ve started spending an extra minute or two with the students who are really trying to learn and understand the material we are covering; can only hope it makes a difference. These students are pushed to take tough exams and their scores aren’t the highest. If their self-esteem in learning a different language- English- is improved and they are understanding the words and grammar to a certain extent to raise their scores I will be ecstatic.

A group of students were gathered around my co-teacher and I before class started. They were all jabbering in Korean and I was sitting there listening (as usual) and asked my co-teacher what was being said and she told me that she had told the kid he was lying…or something. The kid turns to me and yells “Teacher! I NOT liar…I.. I…I… TRUE MAN!” 🙂 gotta love it.

Thursday October 20

beautiful fall colors on my running path

My yoga teacher told me I looked thinner today- ok so she repeatedly put her hands on her waist and kept pointing to me and saying nai nai (yes yes) tin tin (they don’t say “th” here) .. so am going to just guess that that is what it means. Sweet. Magical results in store for the rest of the year…now if only I could give up pastries and caramel macchiatos- I’d be set. But it’s probably not going to happen any time soon. I’ve started my running routine again…and have a running buddy about two days a week. Getting up early is definitely making me feel lots better mentally.

I walked into “free day” today. Movies and games. Seriously…sometimes I wish they would tell me these things ahead of time. Oh well… at least I have more stuff planned for next week: Yay! The kids apparently knew about it and brought snacks. My co -teachers and I spent about 15 minutes after each class sweeping and mopping. Pretty sure they were slightly amazed that I could scrape gum off the floor with an exacter knife. I was able to have good conversation with both of them today…kind of bonding in some ways. It was nice. Ashley invited me to her home on Sunday and I am so excited and I think she is too! She was thrilled when I asked what day- I had been meaning to find a time that could work. I guess this Sunday does! 🙂

My alien card came today…finally I don’t run the risk of being illegal and…I can now set up a bank account and get a phone.

Did I mention that I dislike Halloween, but now that I’m a teacher I basically have to like it for the kids? Oh the joys of finding worksheets for the holidays. But hey- the caption sentences on the coloring pages WERE mildly entertaining. Ok.. so really… I sat at my table with a bowl of popcorn and m/ms and laughed out loud for like five minutes straight. And I’m NOT going to complain about a day of coloring with the kiddos; chances are everything will be “alien pumpkin or alien black cat…” hilarious.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday; game making night and probably some reading and wine.

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