Happy One Month to me in SK!

October 10th

Happy one month to me in SK! (Only 11 more to go some days…) But today I feel at peace. This morning I got up early to meet my director in Changwon to go to Immigration. (so I’m not illegal) Coffee, devotions, and the story of Jonah.

Oh Jonah. I began to chuckle at this story because I had a mental image of this whiny man who didn’t listen to anyone anyways much less God and got into a fishing boat and started bragging about how He didn’t want to go to Nineveh. As if the men weren’t comprehending when the bright sunny sky turned gray and dark clouds began swirling and looming overhead, as if they didn’t believe that God could turn a beautiful day on the sea into a raging ocean storm…silly Jonah.
So let’s get this straight…Jonah is running away from God’s plan, but as the ocean continues to crash waves against the boat he realizes he made a huge mistake and he can not (now proven) run from God. The men in the boat basically told him to do something about this! (Do something about disobeying God, solemned Jonah) And Jonah tells the men to throw him overboard and a  big fish (presumed a whale) swallows him whole and the sea is calmed. The Lord had sent this whale to save Jonah and even though he spent 3 days and 3 nights at the pit of his stomach the Lord was merciful and continued out His plan for him. Despite Jonah’s unbelief, despite his ignorance, despite his intent to runaway, the Lord fulfilled his plan for him. And despite God’s punishment to Jonah, he worshiped. The plan he was afraid of was completed.
Reflecting upon my own life…how do I differ from Jonah? Silly me running and having little faith over my God…yes indeed; I too, came back and asked for forgiveness and new direction in my own life. How similar we are from people so long ago…people’s attitudes and actions may differ in sinful ways, but our God never changes. His compassion and love never fails. And He will bring us to through til His plan is completed… even if we are swallowed by whales along the way. Nothing stops Him, not even our own selfish ways. He knows we will come running back to Him in the midst of crisis, realizing our mistakes and begging for mercy.
Is my peace of mind because I’m following His plan? It’s a calmness I do not recognize and even though my stomach is in knots because of unfamiliarity, my mind isn’t racing…it’s the strangest thing. A constant battle with mind and soul, body and spirit reminding me of my surroundings and the realness I am in being away from home- my body doesn’t want to be in South Korea, but in the comforts of the United States; and out here my spirit is free.

I went to the Immigration Office, and everything went smoothly. It should be about 2 weeks til I get my alien card. (yay!) And I found out I should be getting paid this week. (another yay!) My director is a quiet man, but he is nice and really hasn’t bothered me much since I’ve been here. It’s mostly me being proactive in  taking care of my documents and legal paperwork.

Today in my 5th class on the 2nd floor, the kids made puppets and wrote stories. Hilarious! I also brought in worksheets and words finds in the other classes and I think my co-teacher was excited about it…thank goodness…hope I’m on a good path with the activities…I think I’m understanding correctly…maybe?

I had coffee with a new friend today who really motivated me to start thinking again for myself and reminded me that it’s ok to say no in order to have your alone time. I haven’t had the time to myself that I used to in Arizona and I’ve felt like I’ve been constantly on the go and obligated to hang out with certain people and do things that I didn’t necessarily want to spend my money on or go to. Hanging out with her will be good. She’s down to earth and is a morning person like me so we are going to start running together – at 6 a.m. (which will be perfect because I’ve been slacking and feel very out of shape and getting up today at 6 reminded me how much I feel being up so early and how I needed to get in that habit again).

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