30 Second Update: Pictures Included

1. I love the market.

2. It makes me sad that Pandora radio is unavailable in SK.
3. I think I’ve been to the doctor more in the past week than in the past 5 years.
                a. as they were poking me with the needle I was doing the color blind test.
                b. just as I finished the blood pressure test they put on headphones for a 5 second hearing test. 
                c. you stand on a scale and height and weight is measured at the same time; my ponytail was too high so the lady yanked it down.
                d. for the dental exam I literally barely walked in the door, sat in the chair, opened my mouth and I was back outside to a different building for my consultation.
                e. my consultation consisted of the quick flashlight in eye test and the grasping fist test. I don’t think it took but 10 seconds.
                f. overall the trip there and back took longer than the actual exam.
                g. I kid you not.
               h. oh yes and I forgot to mention the doctors who were giving me my exam were probably around my age and totally making fun of me in Korean. I could tell by their laughter and hand gestures. I’m not stupid.
4. My co-teachers are the sweetest. They took me to the doctor’s. Ashley and I were laughing about the whole situation.
5. 60 Free Minutes of Skype when booking a Hostel for the weekend in Seoul. Thank you very much.
6. I have found dove chocolate here, but it tastes funny and it’s not dark.
7. Seeing my little sister’s face twice this week. Week Made.
Jangyu; a view on my running route.
8. Skyping a friend before her wedding day…amazing!
9. Basically skyping anyone from home starts or ends my day just perfectly.
10.  My students are starting to ask ME questions about the work and to describe certain words. (insert lots of clapping here!)
11. I’m actually actively planning a weekend getaway to Seoul…not just letting everyone else do the details…I’ve booked the hostel and sent the organized transportation email. Check.
sign on the subway 
12. Monday and Tuesday; October 3 and 4: Holidays. No School AND I get paid.
October 3: The day celebrates the foundation of Gojoseon, the first state of the Korean nation. According to theSamguk YusaDangun founded Gojoseon on the 3rd day of 10th lunar month2333 BC. Today, South Koreans celebrate their national foundation on October 3 according to the solar calendar, for convenience sake. “Gaecheonjeol” means “Heaven-opened Day”.
October 4: My School’s Anniversary date of being Established. (who knew!?)

13. My kids sing this song when it’s time to leave:
14. One of my kid’s English name is 2p.m. I don’t make these things up.
lattes and Korean workbooks
16. Studying Korean makes me feel smart…it’s a challenge and I really need to just put my mind to learning it.
17. Western bar with other foreigners. Yay more teachers!
18. Dodgeball is a universal game.

19. Today  I was called
 “Beautiful, Teacher,” instead of “Monkey, Teacher.” *heart melt*
20. Elementary students end their day at 8, Middle School students end their day at 9, High School students end their day around Midnight. The school day starts at 9:00 a.m. The students don’t have much time to play; I think that’s why we have game or movie day on Friday. 
Peace out.

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