I think I’m settling in just fine. Week 2.

Col 3:1-2 September 20th: It feels like fall, the fresh crisp air with a hint of dampness has been nonexistent in the past two years living in the desert. There’s something about a true fall that brings comfort to the soul, a coziness in sweatshirts and jeans, and hot coffee after a morning run with rosy cheeks. After missing this feeling I know it’s a luxury to have. I love fall. In earlier years, it meant a fresh start to school- this year is a refection on that feeling in entering the classroom. On the opposite side now, I can see that kids don’t change throughout the years. Looking at these kids reminds me of which I was like and matching different classmates of mine to others puts a grin on my elementary memories. My heart goes out to those that are slower, shyer, and who are picked on by the class bully. I bite my lips to not laugh out loud at the class clowns or the playful ones. My higher levels are bored to death I can feel it; I need to find challenging activities or something for them or it’s going to be pulling teeth to get them excited and interested in learning English. They give me nasty looks and I can picture them saying in Korean that “this is stupid teacher…” the class is mine to teach on my own! (yay!) The first step in the process of obtaining an alien card (needed to get internet service, a phone, and a bank card) is to get a health check. At the hospital. At the Korean hospital. If it wasn’t for this kind  bystander I may still be there trying to explain what kind of health check I needed and why. Thank goodness my friend Nadia was there with me. Everything went fine.. I think.

Note to self: eye exams come in different languages. So yes, there were Korean symbols on the eye chart in addition to numbers… They used the numbers for me. Silly silly me for thinking otherwise.  After that we went to the ear doctor… I know I had mentioned it to a few friends and family before I had left that I couldn’t hear and complained I was probably going deaf to be dramatic, well it turns out both ears were inflamed and they were clogged, it was really gross on the screen when he showed me the picture. It only cost 13 dollars to see him though without insurance. 

Oh and it will be another 3 weeks without internet in my apartment (thank goodness for wifi and pc lounges) or a phone. *sigh* but what can ya do!  After my day I decided I needed chocolate… I found the most Americanized chocolate bc chocolate here just isn’t the same, found a bag of Hershey kisses… I didn’t see a price- just figured a coupe dollars right? $4 later, for a small bag!!!

 September 22nd

I have found a second wifi spot near my house. A lovely lady named  owns  Cafe Muse and makes a delicious caramel maciatto and hot chocolate…I spent some time here today enjoying the weather, skyping (it’s quieter here), and downloading a book to my iPod that I can start reading in my spare time. I have much free time… I need a hobby, there’s only so much exercise and eating I can do…maybe I will start actually writing my book. I just don’t know how I want to format it yet, sometimes I feel like it has to be the right moment to really write and for now I’m just chicken scratching  ideas into a blog.  While at the coffee house this evening I met another native English teacher who had gotten her masters in the states and then came back to Jangyu to live with her mother and another foreigner from South Africa; both were very nice. Randomly my friend Lydia  came by and we sat and chatted for a bit. It’s fascinating listening to others  whose interests are  so different from mine, yet we share being in SK. She’s into fashion and art and makes costumes for cause-plays  (?).

September 24

Yesterday I sent an email to my director asking a few important questions regarding my alien card etc; by my third class of the day an appointment for an Internet company was scheduled. We watched movies in my classes today.  [Friday night was spent eating Moroccan food and going to this Norabang -a lovely decorated room with the lights dimmed and a colored strobe light flashing, a couch, and large screen to along to songs (books and books of any song you could think of!)  it’s basically like a karaoke lounge only it’s just with your friends in a private room. So much better- there’s room to dance and you can have sodas and snacks] 

Today the company promptly came at the scheduled time; however my computer died before I was able to fully install it, so now the Internet company has to come back- my friend took me back to the store and this time we found an adaptor- I was looking in the wrong place- UGH! So now my computer is plugged in YaY! 🙂 new music to the iPod!  We had a good afternoon- roamed around and met up with another friend to get a Rotti Bun which is this type of sweet roll thing.  Tonight we are going to see a band from the Philippines play in Changwon.

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