Nam San Tower

Seoul/Sept 12: Cuban cigars and a margarita next to an open window of busy cars and flashing lights; a Mexican restaurant, two Canadians, and an American in South Korea. What an international evening! 🙂  September  13 Met up with Gina my grandma’s friend-took us all around the city- we got to talk about Nebraska!!! Nam San Tower- fabulous views of the city- at the top it also showed the distances to various cities around the globe; to Chicago its approximately 10525 km 🙂  I sent my family a postcard from the top: which got me thinking I would have sent others except I didn’t have anyone else’s memorized :p and that I should try to create an address book for occasions like this.  I am so incredibly blessed with an amazing support system of family and friends!!! I love you all so much and know I am thinking of you all often and want to know what’s happening back home!! HM shopping- yay!!! I got a super cute black and blue floral skirt with a  top- I normally would not have gotten this combination, but I’m branching out.  Cafe benne for relaxing and coffee. Caley, Andrea, Gina, and I all got along really well- very intelligent conversation and discussion- finally met another person who had read Dark Star Safari. For dinner: drink/ jul mum e hang gin restaurant to eat pajun (like a pancake)  September 14:  Today is my 5th day in South Korea and so far I have bused from Incheon airport to Changwon by myself and rode to Seoul via bus with friends, now they are leaving this morning- I’m up and ready to go at 6 am, however the earliest time coffee shops open here is 7 am! I am bussing it from Seoul to Jangyu and then a friend will pick me up at the bus stop.  Even though I have every direction possible in English and Korean I still have a knot forming in my stomach; I need to build confidence traveling on my own, even though it’s nerve racking I have been reassured many times that it’s safe here. I guess I have traveled some pretty dangerous roads,but it always seems to stir some type of doubt when traveling alone. I need to have more faith in God and myself.  Grabbed my first Starbucks since leaving the states and got in a cab to the express bus station. My cab driver was actually from Jangyu. When I arrived at the terminal I asked for a ticket to Jangyu and the lady looked at me funny so I repeated the main city of Gimhae and she knew right away, then found the right bus. I couldn’t figure out the pay phone to call my friend so a kind stranger let me borrow his.  No one at the bus terminal knew where Jangyu was… I guess the assumption that everyone knows where everything is is false; just shows it’s the same I don’t know every small town is the US; a similar comparison.  It’s so new being here that even after leaving Seoul it doesn’t feel like going home to my apartment as of yet. I’ve basically been on vacation since I arrived. Teaching starts tomorrow and I can’t wait even though I’m nervous. The couple I had been hanging out with were kind in showing me around and I can not thank them enough. They advised a lot about the system, the kids, and my co teachers, but I am anxious to form my own opinions and create my own experiences in the classroom.  I’m starting to relax on this bus ride.. Beautiful countryside… Well I am back in Jangyu at the bus stop, yay for my second trip across the country by myself!!! At Cafe Ville waiting for Nadia drinking green tea latte. The lady here is really sweet.  Nadia is great! She took me grocery shopping and we made plans for Friday night to bake cookies and make dinner, she also attends an English speaking church on Sundays and after we may start taking Korean classes at the foreigners center in Gimhae. Yay! Tomorrow is Day 1 of teaching! 😀 I came upon the following this evening: “why does God lead us thru desert places? That he might humble and test and the true condition of our hearts might be revealed. Not that He may come to know us but we become to know ourselves; there’s nothing like the desert to help  you discover the real you… When you strip away the trappings, peel off all the masks, and shed all the phony costumes you begin to see true identity-” Discovering more of the real me. maybe that is the theme if this year: truly discovering how much of myself I can be; maybe it’s more than I thought possible or could possibly imagine. 🙂 

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