Best Walmart Run. Ever.

Finally my visa arrived. As predicted it’s just a sticker in my passport. But I ran out to greet the fedex man and I think I caught him off guard as I’m sprinting out of the house in my pajamas. Meanwhile, Timmie was definitely inside laughing at me. Well then it sorta hit me that I should probably get everything together.. Like all together not just sort of. Lol. It took a while longer than expected but I was distracted… By wonderful phone calls from friends and planning a going away dinner with friends at my grandparents. I truly do have the most amazing support system anyone could ask for… And for those that couldn’t be here, I wish you could have been. I did have my going away moment at the house in Holdrege, knowing that I wouldn’t be back for awhile is hard to imagine, as I have spent the last month awaiting the next adventure and enjoying much needed time in a slower paced peaceful world.

It has hit me that my dream of living and working overseas is coming true A dream I have had for so many years and something I have worked so hard at and been patient for is finally happening… It is one of the most accomplished feelings I have ever had… It’s real life…reality… Fabulous as my friend Sara would say because I say it all the time!!

My flight info has come! I depart Omaha at 6:30 A.M Thursday Sept 8, connect to Denver, connect in LA, fly to Seoul…THEN I will be getting on a bus to Changwon…fingers crossed there are nooo traffic jams, or I may be using a random Korean’s cellphone to let my director know I will be late..

Cheers (with my pumpkin spice latte on this gorgeous fall day) to a safe flight! Next post location: SK (unless of course I get bored in LAX)

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