Functioning in 5 different time zones already…

As the clock strikes midnight I am frantically checking my emails and calling Korea because my director is now calling my recruiter to find out when I am supposed to be arriving. Then my recruiter thought it would be a food idea to fly me to Chicago to pick up my visa on Tuesday to fly out Wednesday. Unfortunately flights were 400$ yikes! I wouldnt want the school to spend that especially if I wasn’t guaranteed to have my visa given to me. So back to the waiting game and my schpeel of yes I will let you know as soon as I know, my recruiter was really excited that I called her.. sometimes emailing just gets hectic. Next weekend is a major holiday in Korea so if I don’t get there by Friday no one can pick me up, though I still think I will go and stay at a hostel or something.. the one I like still has openings. But we shall see… Seri,my recruiter, says I just have to make a plan for you! 🙂 Yesterday,I cheered on my Huskers at Memorial Stadium; my brother and I… Had a lot of fun being a part of the opening game for the Big 10. Our new conference, ironically they played Tennessee at Chattenooga where Abby is going this semestr. Thank goodness we won.. the day ended up being fall-like and so much cooler, built a bonfire in our backyard to close the night and had another one tonight with s’mores after steak. I’m thoroughly enjoying these last days of being spoiled at home. But I have helped mom out quite a bit to earn my keep 🙂 including getting up at the crack of dawn to make coffee cake on a Saturday morning! Be calm, pray and wait… That was my inspirational thought for today… I think it’s what helped me get through today.. I’m slowly allowing myself not to worry because there really isn’t anything I can do about the situation and there will be other moments like this too I’m sure and I just need to learn how to de stress and not be so concerned on how I’m going to control the outcome because ultimately I can’t. And that’s all for now… 🙂

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