kiss quick; stop talking…put your back into it

love Matt Nathanson…amazing music!

welll i finally got my visa number last wednesday and fedex’d everything on thursday. the Korean consulate in Chicago received it on friday. and now i just have to wait for my passport with my work visa to be sent back to me. the process should only take about 3-5 days. which means i will be leaving this weekend…as of now! 🙂

this weekend was exactly what i needed. my friends are the best and even those i didnt know quite so well still were so much fun to be around. my friend, Mandy, is getting married in October and i truly felt blessed that i was able to go to her bachelorette party and bridal shower. it was kinda an emotional weekend… her mother said the most beautiful graces and knowing what friendship meant to the group was amazing to be apart of.

i know this is short…but i will probably be writing more this week pending the visa…

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