Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers

Some days I take two hours to get out of bed and it’s out of pure laziness and pity. Once I’m up I’m fine and wonder why I just don’t get up when my alarm goes off. Lately it’s been the dread of how I’m going to be productive throughout the day; I’ve been back home and out of work for a month now, waiting for the next step to be complete. My patience is wearing thin! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I still have slivers of doubt that something may go wrong, I know I should have the faith that everything will turn out ok, but every time I have let myself do that in the past couple months something has turned up- it’s like I’m bracing myself in case I have to go with a different plan instead of enjoying the ride I’m on. I know I need to let go of the situation- it’s out of my control; I sent another check-in email last night and it could be another week.

In my readings (Grace for the Moment– Max Lucado) today it said…”[with one sacrifice] he made perfect forever those who are being made holy” Heb 10:14
Underline the word perfect. Note that the word is not better. Not improving. Not on the uprising. God doesn’t improve, he perfects. He doesn’t enhance, he completes…
Now I realize there’s a sense in which we’re imperfect. We still err. We still stumble. We still do exactly what we don’t want to do. And that part of us is according to the verse, “being made holy.”
I like this part…We still do exactly what we don’t want to do. I know whatever I did is wrong in my heart, but the humanity in me says otherwise, but I am still being made holy in God’s eyes and this is why I could never stop believing or loving Him. I’ve done so much wrong in my life and He saves me every time. I know I will continue to do wrong, but He catches me. He has a plan for me and He knows I will stray, but He knows I will come back to Him for directions. 
The reading continues…But when it comes to our position before God, we’re perfect. When he see each of us, he sees one who has been made perfect through the One who is perfect- Jesus Christ. (In the Eye of the Storm)

This past weekend was spent with my Grandmas. Grandma Jacobsen took Allison, Timmie, and I to The Help, a book made into a movie, that we all had read…it was really good! Saturday, Timmie and I drove to Norfolk to see my Grandma Fuehrer. Growing up we had always gotten a long better with Grandma Jacobsen than Grandma Fuehrer, but now she has really become a lot of fun to be around and talk to. Both my Grandmas are amazing and I know I’m blessed to have them very much a part of life.

Issac, my sister’s boyfriend, who is also friends with my Grandma Fuehrer, came to hang out with us too. I was very impressed he not only bought my sister’s lunch, but mine too…and he is fun to be around. I can tell my sister is really happy with him. (However, this also means my Grandmas ask me about their relationship…seriously? I’m not the one in it!… oh dear.) We drove around in the country and went four-wheeling…lovely Sunday afternoon. On the way home I went into the gas station to prepay with cash for my gas; the lady looks at me and says have you pumped your gas yet? and I say no, I thought I needed to pay first and she asks are you from the city? welll I’ve lived there for the past two years, but I’m from Holdrege, and she tells me, well out here you don’t have to prepay…oook.

On Thursday, I am meeting with my Youth Pastor I had in middle school. I am soo excited to see him; he was a huge motivator back then and I can’t wait to share what’s going on and to hear about him and his wife’s recent decision to adopt a little girl with down syndrome from the Ukraine! Then a friend’s bachelorette party at a winery to wrap up another week. Yay! (maybe I’ll find someone to take me…or just go anyway!) (smile) (gorgeous ocean)

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