Post: One Hundred (crazy!)

Today is my 100th post. Wow how time flies! Looking back on previous blog posts I can see how much I have changed and have figured out a direction to take with my life that has meaning and reason. Not only in career, but attitudes and habits and choices. Realizing what’s important in life and what is worth letting fade away. Knowing each person and event has brought me to the place I am today, but to not dwell on the specifics and move on to continue to grow and develop into the person God wants me to be. He has a plan for reaching people through my actions and I must learn not to force friendships because I want to be there, instead I must allow Him to work his way and let go of any selfish wants or dreams for my life.

I blog these thoughts… it’s so incredibly hard to follow through- I know what’s right. That is the beauty of being in a relationship with Jesus; He knows my heart and He knows how much I love Him, despite my weaknesses. He has brought each circumstance for a purpose and I know my life is on a much better path than 2 years ago; He is working, even though somedays I seem like a disaster, He is still there. 

I think I always knew what was going to make me feel good about myself, but until I was trapped in certain relationships and habits did I begin to look for a way out. I always believed and loved, but I didn’t commit and practice. Ever since I backed out of bad habits and started realizing that maybe there’s more of life that I deserve to have instead of low expectations and half assed commitments. Each day is still a battle with sin and what the world expects, but I know I have more strength to celebrate than be down.


I received the nicest email last night from my recruiter…



How are you? How do you feel thesedays?
Once you came to Korea you have to stay at least 1 year here in Korea.
Aren’t you sad?
Anyway don’t worry about it people around you including me will take care of you^^
Have a nice day!!



So this is my 100th post…I think I will have many more. Blogging has become an outlet for me, a way to gather my thoughts and destress. 🙂 

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