Naps Chocolate and Beer

So the other day i had this really great blog ready to post and blogger became unavailable and disconnected, awesome. However maybe it was a good thing, my updates seem to change on a daily basis. But I do have a new update today! My documents are finally perfect to go to Korean immigration. And I signed a contract to teach in a satellite- suburb city near Gimhae. My visa still has to clear in the states before buying my plane ticket; nothing like last minute. As my dove dark chocolate wrapper stated the only certainty is smoothe chocolate. 🙂

I am so relieved that everything is coming together; I must admit I was in a bit of a funk the other day and feeling burned out. I’m getting antsy at home and anxious for this new chapter in my life to begin, I feel like I’ve been in limbo the last couple months not having my own space or routine. I would not however, give up the valuable time spent with family and friends. I am so grateful that I was able to just chill out and relax with them even though I’ve been a crazy person trying to figure everything out and trying to answer as many questions as I could even though I had no idea what would actually happen. Meanwhile I just sit around and move from couch to couch, inside to outside… Eating my sisters’ brownies and pies and my mother’s cooking, and sitting on the porch enjoying the summer rains while drinking beer… I don’t think I have ever done these things to the extreme like I have in the past few weeks at least running to maintain… Ha! According to Mia this is total “bender” style, just add the Jimmy Buffet and other island tunes and I’m set. This is my reality for August… Then I read my mothers status and it read: is it school time yet? I realize that’s ME too, my own class and all.. how exciting!!!

But thank goodness today is Friday and I get to spend the weekend hanging out with three dear friends. Now I can really relax the next week because now all I have to do is wait for my visa number!!! Yay!

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