I get to pick?!?

Last night I had another interview; except it was more like please let
Us know I’d you have any questions because you have the job. We talked for a bit it’s a good position like the others. But it’s inland; I don’t want to be picky when choosing a position I had my sights set on a coastal spot and Daejeon is definitely inland.
Then I wake up this morning; yep it’s 5 a, to another position that’s in Gim hae, close to Busan. The recruiter in SK that I’m working with is so sweet; she emails me and says you pick the one you like best to decide. She also wantse to visit her no matter what’s location I go to as I am her first guest since working there. I said of course because she has been so wonderful in helping me find something. 🙂

According to my friend Mia I am to go on a “bender”… So when I’m not interviewing or stressing out about interviewing I am bending.. not sure I’d that is the correct use but it’ll work… I’ve been listening to Jimmy Buffet, sitting outside in my sweatpants listening to the rain and enjoying the 66 degree weather. That alone makes me feel much better.

Yesterday afternoon my document finally came back from DC; this is what an apostilled document is suppose to look like… If only I would have known sooner. But theres no time for those thoughts.

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