i drove through the fly over states

My 20 hour drive began at 3:30 Sunday morning. The 101-202-zoomed by, just a few headlights, but as I headed north to Payson the headlights become dimmer and soon I was the only one on the mountain curves. Hwy 277-377 were desolate except for a white van that followed me for a ways. Though it  was a scenic drive and my car fared through the upgrades, I had to pull over and calm down. Traveling such a distance with a shaky car and empty roads was overwhelming at first, but once I hit I-40 to New Mexico I was fine. Driving along the  plateaus and small valleys singing along to the radio and chatting with friends made the time fly. I did have quiet time, alone with my thoughts and watching the Navajo advertisements for beaded work and authentic rugs. At one point there was a castle that held the Native Americans’ shops. It sort of made me laugh…the irony of it all. I stopped in Albuquerque, then headed to Texas to see my friend Meredith. As I pulled into her drive and we talked for little bit my car ended up getting a flat…luckily she knew how to change it, so we took the tire to Walmart and I had to buy a new one. We drove around Farwell and Clovis…towns only miles apart in separate time zones…so weird; then ate at Leals- a Mexican restaurant. 

On August 1 I set out to finish the second half of the trip…10 hours on a tank and a half of gas and going about 70 mph got me home around 4:30. Thank goodness for Miss G, my GPS, because I took a completely different route than originally planned…oops! at least I knew I was heading north…windows were down and music up for most of the morning in Texas and Oklahoma. I drove all highway and it was a beautiful drive with the sun coming up and the cool breeze; in some parts I had no reception or radio except for the High Plains Public Radio. Today’s episode was Songs About Rivers (I had no idea there were so many songs about Rivers..) oh my my…however, the country stations rocked through Kansas and Nicki Minaj too- I was set…
Even though I had 20 hours to contemplate life I feel like I didn’t accomplish much, there’s only so many times I can go over things over in my head and convince myself of the things I need to change…changing myself has been a better work in progress and I am slowly ridding bad influences out…I just wish the changes were easier…
And I’m home. Back in Nebraska; ready for my new journey to begin, during these lull weeks I plan on doing things I don’t get a chance to do…sleeping whenever I want, leisurely getting ready, drinking wine on my patio with my family, eating popcorn and drinking beer. 
I have a new book I am going to start reading called the 5 Love Languages…not just for romantic love, but for friendships and work relationships as well. I am looking forward to reading this…if I could guess what mine were I would have to say “time spent.”
Now both my sisters are dating…it’s so cute hearing the sweet things their guys say and do for them. They both deserve it as they are the most caring loving amazing women I know. And they deserve the absolute best. Maybe it will be for long term, maybe not, even still they are happy.

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