this time won’t you save me?

I  always find the best excuses not to pack…

My last day in Arizona has been so good! Yoga in the early a.m., getting the clutch button? (is that what it’s even called?) anyways it’s fixed and now the key in the ignition can move all the way so I can listen to the radio while the car is off (not like I randomly sit in my car and listen to music- but still! it trigger the odometer light to stay on.) then I made the 9:15 spin class and max the bike rpms out at gear 15…it felt great! They played a country song and busted out laughing…then I went and got new running shoes and saved $25! yay! and I bought a car charger. Came home and did laundry and packed more stuff. It’s hard to believe all the clothes and shoes I own fit into 3 suitcases. Now I am blogging, waiting for Hollyann to get home so we can get tacos and bake chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!

Yesterday, my last day of work was spent training, then my going away party with patron margaritas…it was lovely! Mia and I ate at Yard House and our waiter brought out a chocolate souffle that said Congrats! (it was soo sweet of him!) She told me about her new job- working at a ritzy apartment complex and has the best stories ever! One guy came in and wanted to cancel his lease and just leave his stuff so he could move to Ibiza (island off the coast of Spain) to be with this girl that he has spent the last 3 weeks with. It cost him $9,000. I know money doesn’t buy love or happiness…but it really struck me as crazy. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had anyone to go to that extreme to want to be with me; what a lucky girl to be chased like that. Another girl came in to her office who didn’t even live there and slept her drunk-ass on the sofa for the afternoon. She couldn’t find her keys or her car that she swore she parked in their visitor spots. Oh dear…

This past week has been a a constant strain of tears and laughter. I thought saying good bye would be easier as I got older; it turns out it’s really hard. I have been surrounded by some of the most wonderful people I know. But life’s clock doesn’t wait for others and everyone is on their life path too…and I know for a fact that I am making one of the most influential decisions along my own path. Chasing dreams and working towards higher goals. Leaving my job was simple, but the people I encountered was emotional. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their support and encouragement, I would not be the person I am today without their impact. 
These past two years in Arizona have been eye opening and shaping who I am becoming…so many memories and realizations that I have made. I know I am more the person I want to be now than before and for this I am ever amazed. Amazed how dreams do come true and change is their if I’m willing to jump. and Amazed how much I have already inspired some. Amazed how God is displaying more details of my life plan before me and is always reminding me that He is truly in control even though I hold so tightly to my thoughts; I am learning to let go…

Maybe parts of this blog seem too happy for the sentimental mood I am feeling, but today has really been a good day…being overwhelmed and anxious about everything all week that I hit a breaking point to realize that worrying isn’t going to get me anywhere, but an upset stomach and a crazy mind. My co-workers were great all week putting up with my annoying complaints and roller- coaster attitude.

So what is a girl to do for 20 hours in the car by herself? …stay tuned…

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