starry nights, fireflies, early morning at the lake, no cars for miles, pitch black night sky, and my family…

Ahh! So much has happened so suddenly, but I have officially accepted a job  and signed a contract to teach  elementary students at Bukbusan SLP in Busan, South Korea. I AM SOO EXCITED!!!!

I put in my two weeks at HPN and it went amazing. My employers have been nothing but sweet to me and I am only happy to oblige to assist in adding my advice and training my replacement. My last day will be July 29th and I will be  leaving Arizona on the 30th. The 17 hour drive is something I am looking forward to. A whole lot of decompressing and “me time”, music, and hopefully catching up with friends.

Planning for this new chapter in my life has brought my faith to a deeper level…the timing, the contacts, the paperwork, the school choice- and everything that happened with my rejection letter and the turnaround time it took to find another opportunity. Everything fell into place, and even though there are still a few uncertainties I feel calm and sure that this is exactly what I need to be doing. And if it wasn’t, God could take it away. I  really believe that everything happens on His timing and for a reason unbeknownst to me at the time, but for a sure purpose to love those around me.

My cousin Nikki got marred this weekend to Matt…what an amazing bond they have; just from observing I can tell how in love they are and how strong their bond really is…I was sitting away from the dance floor when the song “Hero” came on and Nikki was standing in the crowd on the floor, when Matt came running and yelled above the music…”Nikkkiiii” and she was like “Mattt” and he swept her into his arms. I don’t think anyone else saw the look on his face when the slow song came on and he went running toward her. Priceless.
Much laughter, drinking, and dancing…such a beautiful day.

I truly treasured the time I spent at home. My dad, Timmie, and I hung out at the lake on Saturday morning, Timmie and I had a lovely night country drive, and us sisters were able to spend an afternoon together. Being in the country underneath open spaces helps clear my polluted mind and constricted thinking that bogs me down some days. Every once in a while I just need a breather to rethink the important things in life that mean the most.

Though it’s been over a year since my ex and I know I have had struggles and ups and downs, I am still haunted how much I let myself trust him and allow him into my life…I guess I’ve been thinking about it lately…as people keep telling me I’m going to meet someone overseas. I’m scared to let another in because I know I start to care too much and it doesn’t become reciprocated. I believe I deserve someone great, but I’m afraid I’ll never be good enough for his greatness. I don’t want to fall in love with a stranger…I want to fall in love with my best friend. Because a stranger only knows you from the outside in and your friends know you from the inside out.

My friend gave me this quote today…”The average number of t.v. sets in the American household rises by 87% from 1.57 to 2.93 between the years of 1975 and 2010.” I am not a statistic…in fact I may not have one for a while..probably until I get married and my husband will want to watch his sports, ha. We joked about me writing a book one day titled, the Only Home in American Without a T.V. (or maybe just one).

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