"I’ll See You When I See You and I hope It’s Someday Soon…" -Jason Aldean

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do. *Leonardo da Vinci”

So true these words. Knowing what you are capable of and having the will to go after what you want is just the start in acheiving goals. It’s the doing. The actual application of taking charge of change. Of new goals and aspirations…

It’s what the past year has consisted of…do do do. Figuring out next steps and applying myself to what needs to be done…no one can do it for me. and no one’s life is stopping for me…I am the one who has to make the change.

i have discovered space bags…what a convenience! 🙂 one suitcase is packed. another trip to goodwill..i am STILL getting rid of stuff…

thank goodness for folk/country music and wine…i guess what the evening wound itself into (after an afternoon of reggae-ton and rap), while i squeezed the air out of zip lock bags and kept going to the freezer for a bite of ice- cream that i decided to buy to ease the pain after buying a new suitcase. i’m so distracted. obviously. because I’m also trying on clothes and blogging. do you think the kiddies… (or the administrators…) would think it’s cool that their teacher came to class wearing a leather skirt (it’s not real it’s from like charlotte russe or something.) and a leopard print cardigan?…pry not…but i can’t part with it…so i decided to wear it while i pack. seriously.

but i actually really wished i was home sitting on my porch swing with Timmie eating stove- popped popcorn not in the 115 degrees. Note to self- when will you learn not to move when it’s so hot that you have sweat dripping down your legs after the AC is blowing and you haven’t even been working out? gross, right? nasty. *shudder* but then there’s the other extreme of -30 windchill and 5 feet of snow….ugh. Someday I will pick the perfect weather move-date. until then… maybe i should finish my glass of wine and go to bed. at least my pandora radio station is being good to me tonight! 🙂

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